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Official Albums Chart Top 100 on 24/5/2024

24 May 2024 - 30 May 2024

The UK's Top 100 biggest artist albums of the week, compiled by the Official Charts Company based on sales of CDs, downloads, vinyl, audio streams and video streams. View the biggest albums of 2024.

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Half Giant aka Ethan


My advice? Move greatest hits albums to the compilations chart. Please.

Isn't it weird how the OCC has implemented ACR and the three song rule on the singles chart but nothing on the albums chart? Now, obviously the singles chart has to be played on the radio, so it makes sense that these rules are in place, despite impacting the accuracy of the chart, but one of the "appeals" of the 3 song rule and ACR is that smaller artists are more likely to peep the top 100.

So then why, for the albums chart, do we still have the Weeknd's "The Highlights" in the top 5 every week? Let's face it, very few people are actually buying it, or sitting down and listening to "The Highlights" (which is even listed as a compilation on streaming services). It's only staying afloat because each individual track is thriving (which would make sense when calculating streams of the original album, but feels like manipulation of the rules to maintain such a high position). The same goes with The Diamond Collection by Post Malone. If I were to ask a sample of the population if they knew Post Malone had a greatest hits album, they'd have no clue it's there. It's only sat in the albums chart because all of his tracks are still accumulating high numbers of streams each week, which would be so much more fair going to his original albums instead of creating some super-album chart farmer.

I believe greatest hits albums should be moved to the compilations charts - if the NOW CDs belong there, why don't greatest hits albums? What's the difference between an album compiling the most popular songs of a time period versus an album compiling the most popular songs from an artist. Take it to the extreme, if Taylor Swift released a greatest hits album after all of her Taylor's versions, including 20-30 of her most popular songs, nothing would be dethroning her from number one on the albums chart other than newer Taylor Swift albums. You'd have to make the change then, surely?

Furthermore, how does it make more sense for soundtracks to be compilations than for greatest hits collections? Soundtracks are usually created by the same people for the entire movie, and yet they're compilations. If we ditch Barbie or Moulin Rouge and look at Help! by The Beatles, or Tron by Daft Punk. Functioning both as albums and soundtracks. So do they go on the albums or compilations chart? Where's the line drawn? Meanwhile a greatest hits collection can draw from the span of anywhere between 5 and 70 years, making no logical sense and with no logical order, other than their being there purely for popularity's sake.

I hope this makes sense, and I hope this at least makes you think about it, and I hope you even see this.


Half Giant.