How to search our database

The database at the heart of offers a vast range of information for our users to dig into, to their heart's content. Find out how, right here, right now.

The new database at the heart of your all-new is probably the most comprehensive resource of UK charts ever gathered together on the web. We certainly believe so.

Offering untold riches of information on your favourite artist, tracks and albums, plus the charts for the most important dates in your life, it is an unparalleled resource of Official UK chart information.

It spans more than 35,000 charts, 3.4 million chart positions, across seven different decades, and spanning singles, albums, streams, and genres including urban, dance, rock, alternative, classical, folk, Asian, Christian music and much more – as well as the video industry’s charts, covering DVD, Blu-Ray, and a range of genres.

You can read how we built this database here – but let us give you a guided tour first.

Entering the database

There are several ways to start searching our database – but the easiest access can be gained from the little magnifying glass at top right of every page on the site.

From here, you can search for a chart by date, for your favourite artist, favourite title (whether it is an album or a single) and also for latest news on your favourite artist. Or even your least favourite artist, if you absolutely insist…

You will also notice the “Access The Archive” search box on the home page (alongside many others) – this gives the same search options. Click on the “Archive” tab across the top and you will see the same option, click on the “Artists” tab and you will be asked to search for your favourite artist.

Searching for the charts

The charts can be accessed in three different ways.

Using any of the searches above will take you to any Official Singles Chart in our database – right back to November 1952. Type in the date and away you go.

Otherwise, the Charts tab at the top of every page gives instant access to a range of different chart channels.

Alternatively, we offer two different chart widgets. On the right of the home page (and scattered throughout the site) is a simple Top 5, showing the latest rundown of the Official Singles Chart, Official Albums Chart and Official DVD Chart. And, at the bottom of the home page is our Official Chart Picker, which offers Top 5s of every current chart in the database. Both of these widgets give you the opportunity to click through to the full charts.

Once you are looking at any chart, every chart we offer is instantly accessible, via the tabs across the top of the charts – organised by singles, albums, compilations, dance, urban, Rock & alternative, DVD & Blu-Ray, streaming, end of year and more. Click on one of these tabs and explore away.

While the main Official Singles Chart and Official Albums Chart databases offer you every chart back to 1952 and 1956 respectively, many of these other charts are available back to 1994. This is the first time many of these charts have been available so far back – and all are at a depth of Top 100.

Once you are in a chart, you can time travel using our “previous” and “next” buttons, or by typing in a date. If there isn’t a chart for the date you have entered, we will tell you so – and give you an immediate click back to the most recent chart.

Looking at the charts themselves, you will see details on this week’s position, last week, peak position, links to buy and listen to many of the tracks/albums and also weeks on chart.

Weeks on chart refers to whichever chart we have in the database – from Top 5s in the earliest years (in some cases) through to Top 100s now.

For those who want more detail than this on the Official Singles Chart and Official Albums Chart, there is a treat in store. On both these charts (but these charts only, for now), you can click on the Chart Facts plus button in the right hand column and this will open a drop down box with an array of additional facts and figures – including label, catalogue number, date the title first charted and the weeks it has spent at Number 1, in the Top 10, Top 20, Top 40, Top 75 and Top 100.

In addition, you can view the individual title’s full chart run (or chart runs, if it has left and then re-entered the chart), including where it has peaked and its chart position this week. If you want even more, you can click on any specific position in the chart run to discover the precise week that this position was achieved – click “view chart” and you can move directly to that chart and start all over again.

It is important to stress that this navigation is only available on the Official Singles Chart and Official Albums Chart for now. We would like to extend this to other charts in time - but we have to start somewhere…

Oh, and by the way, another little interactive treat – click on any title or artist name in blue on any of these charts and you will be taken to an outline of the chart history in the Official Singles Chart and/or Official Albums Chart – if it has one.

Searching for hit singles and albums

If you are looking for a specific title, (either a single or an album, from the history of chart music) you can do this from any of the search options outlined above – type in your favourite single and album title and bob’s your uncle.

If you are using the top right magnifying glass, our database will suggest answers for you. But remember, you only get out what you put in.

If you type “Love”, you will be offered a listing of every chart title with the word “Love” in it – if you type Love Is All Around, you will get a more specific search result.

Once you have reached your results search page, you will be shown much of the same information you can see on the charts page – including the Chart Facts button, offering loads of extra information – including weeks on various chart lengths, chart runs etc. Please again note that all of the title histories relate to the Official Singles and Albums Charts only.

If you want to check whether there is a similar result for the Official Albums Chart, click on that tab at the top of your search. And, if you want to search for something else, there is another handy Search By Title box at the top of the page.

Searching for your favourite artist

Every single artist who has ever claimed a position in Official Singles or Albums Chart has its own artist hub page on - that's a grand total of more than 16,000 dedicated artist hubs.

There are a number of ways to find these artist pages – to start with, you can click on any blue artist name in a chart or listing or use any of the site-wide search boxes. You can also click on the Artist button on the top navigation, which will offer you a random selection of some of the most searched for artists on

When you search, start typing the beginning of your chosen artist’s name for the best results. If there are multiple options for your selection (which is likely, given the th ofousands artists in our database), you may be offered an interim list to choose from – but click through and you will find your chosen artist page.

Here you will find an overview of your favourite artist’s performance in the Official Singles Chart and Official Albums Chart – a full listing of their hit singles and hit albums, the ability to dig down into Chart Facts just like on the charts and the title histories  but also the key facts on their chart career – number of Number 1s, Top 10s, Top 40s and Top 100s, plus weeks at 1, Top 10, Top 40, and Top 100.

You can also toggle between all of these facts and listings, to look at performance in the Official Singles Chart AND the Official Albums Chart.

Initially, an image will appear with the most popular artists on the site (initially around 300 or so) – and we are looking to roll this out to more artists as time goes on.

Searching for your favourite news stories

You can find any stories on our website relating to specific artists or general subjects, by using the “Search artists & news” box in the top right search, or the Access The Archive boxes.

Type any news theme (for instance “Eurovision” or “Brits”) in here and any stories tagged in our news channel tagged with these key words will be returned for you. You will also notice that every time you search for an artist, the news on that artist will also be returned too.

Visit the News section via the top navigation and you will also see that this has been organised into a range of different channels (including Number 1 Award, Interviews, Million Sellers and Xmas No 1, among others) to help simplify your journey around the site.