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Official Singles Chart Update on 8/7/2019

8 July 2019 - 14 July 2019

The UK's midweek Top 100 biggest songs, based on audio and video streams, downloads, CDs, vinyl, cassette and more. Compiled by the Official Charts Company from Friday to Sunday.

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Rob Parkinson


It's good to see that 'I could get used to this' from Becky hill getting a boost from 'wish you well's success. It should have been bigger upon release really. The 2 new ed Sheeran singles not quite made it, wonder if that will change by Friday?


David N'jama


Nope, nothing will change, the two songs are seriously underperforming.




'Senorita' being on track for #1 is such fantastic news!!! :D
I don't mind seeing 'Goodbyes' set to debut inside the Top 5 either.




Hi piran, sorry for the lack of reviews on top 100 update chart. Now, I can say that I've definitely warmed up to mad love by mabel. It might not be her best single but defiantly catchy and perfect for summer 2019! Wish you well by sigala is a single I'm not sure about but still glad it's in the top 10 as it also fits perfect 2019 summer music. I don't care was alright but wouldn't be my first choice to be number 1. I was excited to see how long it would stay at the top spot tho. Senorita is not too bad but I think I don't care will still claim this week's top spot despite what the chart update says (remember this happened when old town road was suppose to go back to number 1 but I don't care still claimed it) I do think senorita does have a chance as it has been the most downloaded single of the week. Not a big fan of truth hurts by lizzo. I loved her single "juice" which I feel was quite underrated. Hope the single ritual by ties to goes in the top 40 as im a bit fan of dance/House music. Also very shocked stay (don't go away) by David guetta didn't go in the top 40 as its been played all over the radio recently. Lastly I'm quite alright with the mid year sales. I actually suspected someone you loved would be this years end of year single number 1 so hope it still makes it till then.
Hope to start reacting to ur review on the actual chart. I only started commenting on ur midweek review chart bc there was less comments
Have a nice day




Hey Tony! How have you been? :)
I agree with you on 'Mad Love' actually; it'll never be among Mabel's best, but that hook definitely sticks with you! I know I gave it a very light 7/10 at first, but it's gone up to a light 8/10 for me since.
'WIsh You Well' going Top 10 is also really cool to see, since Sigala is one of my favourite DJs at the moment & Becky Hill's vocal suit this kind of tropical-dance pop song perfectly!
Where I disagree with you in on 'Senorita'; not only do I think it's an amazing song (could the best of the year for me!) but it's #1 in: sales, Spotify & Apple Music, while also being #2 on airplay & YouTube. The only thing that 'I Don't Care' is ahead of it on is the radio, which doesn't even count towards the official chart. Ed will probably go back to #1 next week thanks to his album coming out, but 'Senorita' has definitely got it this week!
'Someone You Loved' definitely has a strong chance for now to be the biggest song of 2019, but don't be surprised if 'I Don't Care' or 'Old Town Road' catch it towards the end (just like 'One Kiss' did to 'God's Plan' last year).
Finally, while 'Truth Hurts' is growing on me, I really hope that 'Juice' can remain as the bigger hit for Lizzo!
I'll post my usual review tonight on the main OCC chart page, so hopefully you're able to check that out.
See you soon!