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Official Singles Chart Top 100 on 26/4/2024

26 April 2024 - 2 May 2024

The Official UK Singles Chart reflects the UK’s biggest songs of the week, based on audio and video streams, downloads, CDs and vinyl, compiled by the Official Charts Company. The UK Top 40 is broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and MTV, the Top 100 is published exclusively on OfficialCharts.com. View the biggest songs of 2024 so far.


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Eigenwijze 30


Vote: https://forms.office.com/r/uQmM73ZiWg

- Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYxxkXDZlxxe-EoZ5f3t62O8ZwetUbwVK

Eigenwijze 30 week 17 2024

1. 2 6 Gåte - Ulveham
2. 1 9 Beth Gibbons - Floating on a moment
3. 3 8 Billy Joel - Turn the lights back on
4. 4 7 Tom MacDonald - The machine
5. 5 6 Alcest - L'Envol
6. 15 4 Chase & Status, Hedex, ArrDee - Liquor & Cigarettes
7. 9 5 Caroline Polachek, Weyes Blood - Butterfly net
8. 17 3 Katherine Priddy - First house on the left
9. 7 5 Zerb, Sofiya Nzau - Mwaki
10. 6 6 Bicep - Chroma 001 helium
11. 29 2 Anıl Şallıel, Sevda Alekperzadeh - January 13 for Soyberk
12. 16 4 Dua Lipa - Training season
13. 13 2 Cristina Branco - Senhora do Mar Redondo
14. 8 6 Ummet Ozcan + Otyken - Altay
15. 11 6 Squarepusher - Wendorlan
16. _ 1 Kamasi Washington - Prologue
17. 20 3 Vampire weekend - Capricorn / Gen-X cops
18. 19 5 Nai Barghouti - Lazim ahkeelak
19. 21 11 Waxahatchee + MJ Lenderman - Right back to it
20. 28 4 Sela - Wanneer wordt het waar
21. 22 3 Kiran Ahluwalia - Tera jugg
22. _ 1 Pearl jam - Dark matter
23. 18 7 Refreshers - Crumbling down (+ remix) (FR030)
24. 27 2 Sigur Rós - Ylur
25. 23 4 ScHoolboy Q - Yeern 101
26. _ 1 Hiatus Kaiyote - Everything's beautiful
27. _ 1 Shakti, John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain - Shrini’s dream
28. 10 5 Little Simz - Mood swings
29. 12 8 Batsükh Dorj + Johanni Curtet - Jin söörtügjüler
30. 30 3 Tayanna - Rode miy (Роде мій)
Verwondering: Benson Bone - Beautiful things




my top 20 (28.4.2024.)

1. (2) ALESSO – zig zag

2. (29) KINGS OF LEON – split screen

3. NEW – JAMIE X.X & HONEY DIJON – baddy on the floor

4. (3) HOZIER – too sweet

5. (7) ALFIE TEMPLEMAN – radiosoul

6.(1) UNDERWORLD ft KETTAMA – fen violet (2weeks at No.1)

7. (6) MAXIMO PARK – favourite song

8. (5) FLIGHT FACILITIES ft OWL EYES – trouble

9. (9) ARTEMAS – I like the way you kiss me

10. (16) CHARLOTTE DE WITTE – roar

11. (15) OLIVIA RODRIGO – obsessed

12. (11) L'IMPERATRICE – me da igual

13. (35) KASABIAN – coming back to me good

14. (19) DAPHNE GUINNESS – volcano (Hercules & The Love Affair remix)

15. (23) ENZO IS BURNING – loco

16. (4) DIPLO & SHARAM ft PONY – anthem (2weeks at No.1)

17. (22) JOHN SUMMIT – eat the bass

18. (34) JORDAN RAKEI – friend or foe

19. (8) GUSGUS ft EARTH & HÖGNI – breaking down

20. (24) PNAU – nostalgia

.................new songs at chart (top 45)..............

34. NEW – TOM NOVY – turn it around

36. NEW – KASPER BJØRKE ft TOBY ERNEST – tears we haven't cried

37. NEW – BULLION ft CHARLOTTE ADIGERY – world_train

38. NEW – THE ZUTONS – the big decider




pedro at number 67 - please make this a hit.

you would’ve thought i’d hate this song, but no. it’s a good use of a sample (right, david guetta?), it’s got bombast, it’s got energy, and it’s one of the few viral dance songs i can get behind. i make speed-house music from time to time and released a few bangers, and this is a track id i’ll be putting in my sets. please say this is on the rise 

also that raccoon 🔥 


Sunshine Gal


the 2nd album i'd like to recommend is 8701 by usher in 2001 *came out right around the same time as aaliyah's fantastic album*.  if there's 1 artist i saw dominate the hot 100 top10 in the 2000s it's usher.  he had top 10 smashes over and over and over and over again LOL!  i mean, singles that never left the top 10.  his 'confessions' album from 2004 is his biggest success here in america, but my very fave by him was always the previous album 8701.  

so going on my 2000s binge, i hadn't heard many of these songs in 20+ yrs.  & this album here *just like the aaliyah* STILL sounds just as good today like it did newly released. 

here's the album: https://www.youtube.c*m/watch?v=q63nJSfqXWE&list=PLH_QLWlQVieXDVyBfQeeMig-9ssFgWo69

here's some of my very fave tracks as well as his u.s. smashes: 'twork it out' *why this wasn't a single over here is STILL beyond me!*, u don't have to call, u remind me *#1 hit over here*, u got it bad *#1 hit also*, U R the one, u-turn, can u help me *he sounds GREAT on this one!!  great r & b ballad*, how do i say, hottest thing, if i want to.

during this time, usher was doing great in sales & on the charts.  BUT when his confessions album comes out 3 yrs in 2004 later he becomes 1 of the biggest artists in the states.  that was a fun time!  but the 8701 album still remains my fave usher album...enjoy everyone!

*the time & money spent on great writers, producers as well as the artists still shine on so many past albums, esp. in the 2000s decade.  being a billboard hot 100 fan during this decade was nothing but being on the best carnival ride & never getting off!  week after week, month after month, year after year all throughout the 2000s.  i have TONS of great top 10 memories of just this decade alone. & another reason why, here in america, we had so many huge sellers & top 10 & even #1 smashes for albums alone...the albums were sooooo good from start to finish.  i have some more albums from the 2000s i'll recommend to everyone later on ;)*




aaliyah and usher?! the taste!! i’ve been listening to a lot of rnb myself and can send you some recommendations but these two are amazing

also you can post links uncensored here now, they just won’t have an embed ^^


Sunshine Gal


hey what's up mates!  growing up in the states since the late 70s,i was very blessed with awesome music my whole life.  & 1 decade that stands out right now to me are the 2000s.  in the u.s., that decade was a blast for music!  we had TONS of great talent and hit after hit on the radio & on trl/mtv. lately i've been literally dying for some good music, so going back to that particular decade for some great throwbacks. 

so i have 2 albums from that decade i wanna recommend to everyone.  the 1st album is 'aaliyah' by aaliyah.  she was working on this album around the time of her passing in aug of 2001.  i can't say i was a huge fan of hers back then, but her death hit me hard.  i was 4 yrs older than her & she had a new album, new movie, new soundtrack coming out & already released and then she died!  hard to believe it's been 23 yrs. this aug.  

here's the album, a mix of pop, r & b, dance and even some rock songs on there.  https://www.youtube.c*m/watch?v=vcouzSDeVfU&list=PL3r1ldjYHlYMQd9nbsozBdnouDiMRl0Cj

here's some of my fave tracks: what if *great rock track!  @ the time i was very surprised she did a rock song*, try again *came out on the romeo must die soundtrack while she was still alive*, i can be *fun upbeat jam, like destiny's child*, u got nerve, rock the boat, more than a woman, it's whatever *she sounds GREAT on this one!*, read between the lines, we need a resolution, those were the days.  

before her untimely passing, aaliyah had 3 albums out in her career & i enjoyed seeing her in the hot 100 top 10.  i still remember 'try again' @ #1.   @ that time, i remember her going to #1 being a big deal.  nothing tech. unique about her going to #1, that's why i was like 'why is everyone so happy that aaliyah went to #1'?  she already had some previous top 10 hits.  but a GREAT album to listen from start to finish & aaliyah was a very talented singer & no doubt would've given beyonce & rihanna a run for the money on the charts!  enjoy everyone!




chart re-ranking 

1) H*ll N Back
2) Espresso
3) Green & Gold
4) Prada
5) Happier
6) Back On 74
8) we can’t be friends (wait for your love)
9) Illusion
10) obsessed
11) Austin ⬆️
12) Too Sweet ⬆️
13) These Words ⬆️
14) Forget About Us

15) Saturn
16) Good Luck, Babe!
17) Tell Ur Girlfriend
18) Alibi
19) Unwritten
20) Jump
21) Lose Control
22) End Of Beginning
23) Scared To Start
24) A Bar Song (Tipsy)
25) Fortnight
26) Beautiful Things
27) Birds In The Sky

28) i like the way you kiss me
29) Stick Season
30) Like That

31) Whatever She Wants
32) Slow It Down
33) Down Bad
34) The Tortured Poets Department

35) Lovers In A Past Life
36) Push Ups
37) Belong Together ⬇️

38) I Don’t Wanna Wait
39) Home

Haven’t Heard
40) Cry No More




Good to see 'Austin' and 'Too Sweet' getting upgrades! 




My Ranking - Top 40

Awesome - 

Happier - Clementine Douglas, The Blessed Madonna

Whatever She Wants - Bryson Tiller

Espresso - Sabrina Carpenter

Great - 

Back on 74 - Jungle

Obsessed - Olivia Rodrigo

Prada - RAYE, Casso, D-Block Europe

Green & Gold - Rudimental, Charlotte Plank, Skepsis, Riko

Birds in the Sky - New Era

Good - 

Loose Control - Teddy Swims

Texas Hold 'Em - Beyonce

Lovers in a Past Life - Calvin Harris, Rag 'n' Bone Man

We Can't Be Friends (Wait for your love) - Ariana Grande

Alibi - Rudimental, Ella Henderson

Illusion - Dua Lipa

Tell Ur Girlfriend - Lay Bankz

Austin - Dasha

Too Sweet - Hozier

Push Ups - Drake

Not Too Bad -

I like The way you kiss me - Artemas

Forget About us - Perrie

Saturn - SZA

Cry No More - Headie One, Stormzy, Tay Keith

I Don't Wanna Wait - One Republic, David Guetta

HeII N Back - Bakar

Like That - Future, Metro Boomin, Kendrick Lammar

Bad - 

End of Beginning - Djo

Home - Good Neighbors

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

Scared to Start - Michael Marcagi

Really Bad -

Stick Season - Noah Kahan

Slow it down - Benson Boone

Beautiful Things - Benson Boone

I Haven't heard the rest yet.




My Top 10 - 

1. Eyes ClosedImagine Dragons
2. 1+1=11Peggy Gou
3. AddictedZerb, The Chainsmokers, Ink
4. HappierClementine Douglas, The Blessed Madonna
5. JungleFred again...
6. MwakiZerb, Sofiya Nzau
7. Make you mineMadison Beer
8. WeakVintage Culture, Maverick Sabre, Tom Breu
9. La noiaAngelina Mango
10. Doomsday BlueBambie Thug

My Top 25 on Crownnote - 





On behalf of all Chilean people, I apologise for #58 being here. Truly crazy to me how that's what we're going to be known for all around the globe




I cannot for the life of me tell Is it over now and The tortured poets department apart they sound exactly the same!


Possessive Deterioration Of Glory



ever notice 1989 vault is so basic compared to the og album? it's jack antonoff's basic and repetitive production which has been around for a while now and it's starting to get boring




Now to rank the 37+3 hits in my own special way:


Olivia Rodrigo - obsessed [40] (No, she isn't obsessed with her eggs, Jack from Warrington. Get it right.)

Jungle - Back On 74 [28]

Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten [23]

Beyoncé - TEXAS HOLD 'EM [9]


Bakar - Xell N Back [26]

Chappell Roan - Good Luck, Babe [21] (The lyric video screams "GRAPHIC DESIGN IS MY PASSION".)

Shaboozey - A Bar Song (Tipsy) [16] (Better than it has any right to be.)

Lay Bankz - Tell Ur Girlfriend [18]


SZA - Saturn [29] (Honestly forgot this was still in the chart. Roll on Glastonbury!)

The Blessed Madonna/Clementine Douglas - Happier [17]

Tyla/Gunna/Skillibeng - Jump [38]

Sabrina Carpenter - Espresso [5]

Future/Metro Boomin/Kendrick Lamar - Like That [25]

Taylor Swift ft. Post Malone - Fortnight [1]


Ariana Grande - we can't be friends (wait for your love) [11]

Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department [2]

Dua Lipa - Illusion [19] (On the cover of TIME magazine as one of the world 100 MOst Influential People, along with Kylie Minogue and 21 Savage. Apparently.)

Taylor Swift - Down Bad [4]

Noah Kahan - Stick Season [15]


Hozier - Too Sweet [3]

Djo - End Of Beginning [34]

Artemas - i like the way you kiss me [7]

Headie One/Stormzy/Tay Keith - Cry No More [33]

Dasha - Austin [10]

Calvin Harris & Rag'n'Bone Man - Lovers In A Past Life [36]

Drake - Push Ups [14] (Don't really care about this rapper beef, to be honest. That may explain why J. Cole's droans did better than you thought they would on my rankings. It's all 'bout da muzik 4 me.)

Mark Ambor - Belong Together [12]


Rudimental/Skepsis/This Joke Is Very Old - Green & Gold [32]

cassö/RAYE/D-Block Europe - Prada [39]

Ella Henderson ft. Rudimental - Alibi [20]

Benson Boone - Slow It Down [30]


Perrie - Forget About Us [31] (Told you so. 😏)

NewEra - Birds In The Sky [24]

Michael Marcagi - Scared To Start [13]

Badger - These Words [35] (I heard a snippet on Radio 1's Dance Anthems, and I don't think I can sleep for the rest of the week it's that horrendous.)

Bryson Tiller - Whatever She Wants [22]


David Guetta & OneRepublic - I Don't Wanna Wait [27]

Benson Boone - Beautiful Things [6]

Good Neighbours - Home [37]

Teddy Swims - Lose Control [8]




Chart Review 26/04/24

Taylor Swift.

I could stop it there but let's keep it going.

Guten tag to all who read this, and if you were wondering what that noise was outside your house a week ago, you may have realised it was National Record Store Day last week, an annual event where anyone who's anyone in the music industry plugs their old CDs and vinyls in an attempt to fool us all. Sometimes, of course, there's loads of new albums waiting to capitalise on this new found interest in music. Last year saw Enter Shikari pull the pants down The 1975 and Everything But The Girl as they romped to the top of the albums in classy style. Taylor Swift was involved that year. And in 2022. And now she's gone and done it again.

Yes guys, the new album from TayTay, The Tortured Poets Department, hit the shelves last week, and it may as well have been released on a Thursday given how dominant it was compared to poor old Pearl Jam and UB40. By Monday it had nearly 200,000 takers, so no matter what you think of the world's most omnipresent popstar, you can't deny she gets the job done. The 270K it sold is the highest tally for any album since all that Ed Sheeran garbage in 2017, which says a lot given I thought physical sales were dead in the water at this point. That's 12 chart-topping albums for the lass now, and it's definitely not impossible that she can set the record for most No.1 albums in the UK by the end of the decade (The Beatles lead the way with 16, if you're wondering). It also helps that the same day this album dropped, she just CASUALLY swung another 15 songs our way as part of the deluxe edition, in a move that puts everyone else to shame. Given she's virtually the 21st century Bob Dylan in the lyrical musical department (see what I did there?), critically judging this album will get me crucified by anyone I find out loves songs like Guilty As Sin?, I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can), loml, Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus, and my personal fave title, Florida!!!, with Florence Welch reduced to mumbling away in the background like a lost spirit.

It's also kind of hard to judge an album with a couple dozen ballads on it, but when listening to clips of the tunes, I can confirm that none of them are as good as Shake It Off, Love Story or Cruel Summer. That's just how it is. Anyways, the singles chart has naturally bended over and supplied her with the most one-sided victory you'll see until Christmas.

First up on the running order is Fortnight, a duet with Post Malone that is clearly the highlight here, and lands her a 4th chart-topper on these shores, even though you can barely here old Post on this song. Seriously, he shouldn't have bothered. What's the point? Ah well. Grabbing 3rd place is the title track of the album, mainly serving as the latest put-down to one of her zillion ex-boyfriends, Matt Healy of The 1975 getting the chop this time out. And also failing to beat Hozier's Too Sweet is Down Bad, another classic case of "too many ballads, spoil the broth". Or however that quote goes. There may be more debuts as these songs tip into oblivion, but right now, it's Swifty's world and we're all just living in it. And I don't think next week is any easier on the eye in all honesty.

Three other new entries in the chart this week, and all from black artists with points to prove. Kind of. First up at No.14 is Drake's latest 'song', duly becoming his 93rd (NINETY-THIRD) Top 40 appearance. He felt like suddenly dropping this midweek as he got involved in the ever-growing downward spiral of backlash that is the J. Cole-Kendrick-Insert Other Rapper Here diss saga. Not his best song by a long shot, but also far, FAR from his worst. Apparently he's tried to replicate a segment of 2Pac's voice using AI, and it's all gone horribly wrong for everyone involved. Having listened to Push Ups, I can officially confirm that I have no idea what he's on about. Maybe it's just me, I s'pose.

Two places below him is a climb of twenty-five for Collins Obinna Chibueze, or Shaboozey to the average guy, who clearly saw how famous Lil Nas X got by mixing country with pop and causing a backlash with it and thought, "Yeah I'll try that". His third album arrives at the end of the month, and it's hailed by this tune going absolutely BONKERS on the social sites, as A Bar Song (Tipsy) pulls a blinder after narrowly missing out at 41 last week. It's also far better than the country genre has any right to be nowadays, which is quite a sight until you realise that Beyoncé exists. Shaboozey can actually be found on Cowboy Carter on a couple of songs, so he is clearly hot product right now. Expect loads of success from this guy in the future. Or you know, he'll probably end up like all the other 1-hit wonders. It's hard to tell anymore.

Elsewhere, and the three new hits from last week's ladies have taken some interesting moves. Sabrina Carpenter is now officially an actual successful lady in the business, Espresso climbing a place and proving everybody wrong. Including me. Illusion by Dua Lipa drops ten places, a disappointing sight until you actually listen to the song, and then it becomes all to obvious that it's just sorta mid. Oh, and Perrie from Little Mix has fallen to 31. Surprised? You better not be. Anyways, the other new hit is Headie One's first appearance since his collab album with K-Trap in October, as Cry No More starts it's journey at 33. It's a bit of a flop though, given Martin's Sofa was Top 10 barely a year ago, and the fact that Stormzy guests on this song is extra evidence that he could've done better overall. Hey man, at least you're not a member of a group who duetted with Big Mike in 2017.

You can figure out the reference to that joke, right?

The likes of Blur, David Bowie, Black Sabbath and Orbital can all be found on this wacky album chart, as last week's winners James plummet to 74. Which is just your average drop nowadays. Back to the singles, and Pozer follows up Kitchen Stove with Malicious Intentions, and his debut at 41 indicates he clearly has some support, meanwhile Training Season and Whatever have been injected with ACR-itis as they evaporate from the best-sellers faster than my dignity. And that says a lot, given I don't have any. Irish band Fontaines D.C. finally experience Top 100 success with Starbuster entering at 62, Latin fever strikes again with Pedro going in at 67 by three people I don't give one about, AJ Tracey stiffs at 69th position, while Yeat, Teddy Swims, Chappell Roan and Zerb all break through into the charts with songs of various quality. I'm not sure if any of them are Top 40 worthy, but you never know in this day and age. For all we know, 's PartyRock Anthem could be here next time out.

Speaking of which, next week is a lil' dead. Young T & Bugsey make their grand return to no one's approval, Cat Burns still can't win anyone over that hasn't heard Go, Mabel exits her hiatus and she's still pretty boring, Aitch is back, AGAIN, and the world holds it's breath to see if Mercury Prize winners Ezra Collective can do anything next week with new single Ajala. Just to prove if jazz can actually stand a chance outside of magazine no one reads. And the albums will see a battle between Justice, St. Vincent, Jess Glynne, The Zutons and the Pet Shop Boys as they try and dislodge Taylor Swift from her eternal throne. And yes, none of them will do anyting in the charts. It's just written in the stars, alright?


(P.S. Summer by Calvin Harris is 10 years old today. Feel old yet? He hasn't sung a single word since releasing that song, and I'm in utter fits that he still hasn't put out another song like Ready For The Weekend or Acceptable In The 80s. The things I would do for one of those again.)


Possessive Deterioration Of Glory


i was that taylor fan if you guys are wondering lol


fortnight (ft. post malone)

florida!!! (ft. florence & the machine)


what was i made for?


like that

beautiful things

down bad


these words

we can't be friends

i like the way you kiss me


good luck babe


forget about us

cry no more


the tortured poets department (it would be an amazing song if it wasn't for the charlie puth, patti smith & dylan thomas lines)



green and gold



belong together

n back

texas hold 'em

whatever she wants

i don't wanna wait




back on 74

stick season

slow it down

tell ur gf 

a bar song



end of beginning

lovers in a past life


lose control

birds in the sky

worst song ever made dethroning 3 lions:

carnival (kanye does have many bangers but THIS was a calamitous disaster: THANK ACR for this) 


Possessive Deterioration Of Glory








Possessive Deterioration Of Glory


what are your thoughts on TTPD?




It's the only thing iv'e listed to for a whole week lol





1. MY BOY ONLY BREAKS HIS FAVOURITE TOYS - Taylor swift (=) (2 weeks at No. 1)

2. ILLUSION - Dua lipa (+3)

3. ESPRESSO - Sabrina carpenter (+19)

4. MY OH MY - Ava max (+36!)

5. TRAINING SEASON - Dua lipa (-2)

6. FORTNIGHT - taylor swift (-4)

7. FORGET ABOUT US - perrie (+12)

8. I CAN DO IT WITH A BROKEN HEART - taylor swift (-4)

9. TOO SWEET - hoizer (-1)

10. WE CANT BE FRIENDS (WAIT FOR YOUR LOVE) - ariana grande (+2)




I'm really liking a lot of these gains, particularly 'Espresso' and 'Forget About Us'! 


Possessive Deterioration Of Glory


taylor swift - the tortured poets department

fortnight (10)

ttpd (6)

mbobhft (9)

down bad (9)

so long, london (8)

but daddy i love him (9)

fresh out the slammer (9)

florida!!! (10)

guilty as sin? (7)

who's afraid of little old me? (10)

i can fix him (no really i can) (3)

loml (8)

icdiwabh (10)

the smallest man who ever lived (10)

the alchemy (10)

clara bow (7)

ttpd: the anthology

the black dog (10)

imgonnagetyouback (10)

the albatross (9)

chloe or sam or sophia or marcus (2)

how did it end? (9)

so high school (10)

(the GTA bros line is the best thing ever)

i hate it here (8)

thanK you aIMee (5)

i look in people's windows (0)

the prophecy (10)

cassandra (7)

peter (7)

the bolter (9)

robin (5)

the manuscript (10)

best song: fortnight, florida!!!

worst song: i look in people's windows

album rankings:

s/t (2)

fearless (3)

speak now (10)

red (5)

1989 (8)

rep (9)

lover (6)

folklore (10)

evermore (9)

midnights (9)

ttpd (5)


Sunshine Gal


hey what's up mate!  well i'm back to work, in a smaller unit *temporary* until my dr. releases me back to my reg. work routine.  i see him next thurs.  in the meantime, going to physical therapy and good news, no more back pain!  my left wrist still throbs all the time, but not as much as before.   

and looks like the blackhawks may get the #1 draft pick again this year, it'll be on may 7th.  us blackhawks fans are beyond excited for it. lately i've been re-listening to albums from the 2000s...i'm dying for some good music.  that decade in the states we were beyond spoiled!!  so much talent to choose from.  gonna recommend 2 albums from that decade that are really to everyone on here...ok mate, sorry i'm not on here too much...miss all the hot 100 chats LOL!  the disqus thing ain't connected to over here.  




Hey Sunshine Gal! :) 

Yeah, OCC stopped using Disqus as their commenting platform last summer. Headline Planet is absolutely dead now, so I just comment on the Hot 100 through YouTube. 




Candypop! :) This looks like the top ten list from one of the 11 year olds in my class....fair enough, good enough songs.

I'd like the Perrie song more if it wasn't written by Ed Sheeran.




I’m thinking something a bit different today, since she got a big takeover in my actual chart… here are my Top 10 songs of the week not from Taylor. Enjoy!

#1: Tyla – Priorities (+1)   [New No.1!] 🇿🇦

#2: Perrie - Forget About Us (-1) 🇬🇧 (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)

#3: Sabrina Carpenter - Espresso (=) 🇺🇸

#4: Silia Kapsis - Liar (+2) 🇦🇺

#5: Girl In Red - I'm Back (+18) 🇳🇴

#6: Porter Robinson - Cheerleader (+12) 🇺🇸

#7: Olivia Rodrigo - Scared Of My Guitar (-2) 🇺🇸

#8: Dylan Conrique - Last One To Love Me (-4) 🇺🇸

#9: Dasha - Austin (-1) 🇺🇸

#10: ILLIT - Magnetic (-3) 🇰🇷

Full chart on Crown Note: https://www.crownnote.com/charts/piran/pirans-top-50-219

Full chart on BuzzJack: www.buzzjack.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=270912




With you on Tyla.

Girl in red...im in two minds about....

Like I said Perrie nice enough but little bland singer, but getting old Ed Sheeran to write her stuff bit silly as she could no doubt do better on her own.  Unless she just wanted a hit of course ;)




Glad you're liking Tyla at #1. Interested to see how the rest of Perrie's singles go, but the big second week drop for 'Forget About Us' is a bit worrying! 




I’m not too disappointed about ‘What Was I Made For?’ leaving the Top 40 because it had an incredibly successful run. Shame that ‘Obsessed’ looks it’ll be leaving next week... 😔

Thankfully, we got a debut and an upgrade in the top tier, including a surprise new leader!

Top 40 Rankings: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/38591ca1c8a893bffd992941d028c1dd9a550562d590ae9668118d585426869a.png




I heard ‘A Bar Song (Tipsy)’ for the first time a little earlier in the week… and I’m honestly impressed.

It’s a really fun and charismatic country song. Glad to see it becoming a hit!




it’s a taylor takeover as my personal charts get so chaotic they’re a top 30 for just this week 👀

  1. so long, london - taylor swift
  2. fresh out the slammer - taylor swift
  3. cheerleader - porter robinson
  4. high to death - car seat headrest
  5. the albatross - taylor swift
  6. the smallest man who ever lived - taylor swift
  7. the prophecy - taylor swift
  8. tears over beers - modern baseball
  9. sodium chloride - panchiko
  10. clara bow - taylor swift
  11. loml - taylor swift
  12. cassandra - taylor swift
  13. kicking cars - panchiko
  14. like that - future, metro boomin & kendrick lamar
  15. backwards - lsd and the search for god
  16. strangers - no mana & jastine
  17. imgonnagetyouback - taylor swift
  18. tears dry on their own - amy winehouse
  19. my boy only breaks his favourite toys - taylor swift
  20. guilty as sin? - taylor swift
  21. nervous young inhumans - car seat headrest
  22. you need me now? - girl in red feat. sabrina carpenter
  23. headboard - lil ugly mane
  24. rehab - amy winehouse
  25. questions - maeta
  26. the bolter - taylor swift
  27. i can fix him (no really i can) - taylor swift
  28. israel - willow
  29. 757 - 100 gecs
  30. veridis quo - daft punk


top 10 albums:

  1. the tortured poets department - taylor swift
  2. d>e>a>t>h>m>e>t>a>l - panchiko
  3. back to black - amy winehouse
  4. twin fantasy - car seat headrest
  5. f*ck the world - brent faiyaz
  6. madvillainy - mf doom & madlib
  7. im doing it again baby! - girl in red
  8. heaven to a tortured mind - yves tumor
  9. the unseen - quasimoto
  10. punisher - phoebe bridgers



'The Albatross' being our favourite Anthology track is awesome to see. :) 




shame to see training season and forget about us falling :(




'Training Season' could be reset with the album release in a couple of weeks. 




Hopefully :3




Awesome to see ‘Good Luck, Babe!’ taking another big leap up the chart and 'Red Wine Supernova' finally breaking through! ❤️

Very pleased that Chappell is finally getting the recognition she deserves. :)




I’m impressed by how well ‘Espresso’ is performing! Not only is it now Sabrina’s first Top 5 hit, but it would be #2 without Taylor.

Hopefully it can challenge for the summit next week with its current streaming momentum and the fact it’s leading on Spotify! 😊




it’s leading?! what a treat




Yeah, for a third consecutive day. :) 




Taylor’s album was a pleasant listen for me, but I definitely think the wrong tracks charted from it today.

Sure, it’s good to see ‘Fortnight’ at #1, but the title track was just about passable (I was not a fan of that Charlie Puth line or the "tattooed golden retriever" one either) and I didn’t care for ‘Down Bad’ much at all. I personally would’ve swapped the last two with ‘Clara Bow’ and ‘The Albatross’.




yeah i like fortnight but i would’ve replaced the other two with so long london and fresh out the slammer. to think the former nearly charted 😭

clara bow and the albatross are also amazing ofc but we can’t get all four with *that* rule in place 




I think all 31 tracks would've charted without it! 😳




my music takeaway for the night (back for seconds): 🥡

  • DRAKE?! YOU ACTUALLY RESPONDED?! my hopes weren’t high following the j cole warning shot, but drizzy actually came through with one of his hardest shots to date and proves he can take on this 10v1 without a fkin doubt. i know he made back to back, but even as someone loyal to kendrick, this was crazy good. that said i don’t agree with the jabs at kdot for doing pop features though, id let it slide if he didn’t namecheck sza (pop music!) a few bars later. but yeah, in a year where nicki minaj and j cole delivered lackluster disses, we needed this.
  • in other rap news, chris brown and quavo are beefing and i couldn’t care less.
  • i watched the amy winehouse biopic and marisa abela’s performance as amy was absolutely bang on in every second of the film. it was a depressing watch considering amy was a deeply troubled soul, but a very good one and i recommend it. i wish it had more top 40 impact though :I
  • good luck, babe! - gonna add chappell roan to renee rapp and sabrina carpenter in the list of artists i need to listen to more of. speaking of sabrina, espresso is doing really well on streaming and it’s making me miss summer. wouldn’t complain if this overtakes taylor to be the next number 1 song.
  • please don’t tell me we’re making i dont wanna wait a thing. david guetta must be stopped. he cant keep getting away with this. it’s happened to kygo now - you know, a dance act i once liked?! stop stealing things!
  • i couldn’t care less for the headie one or mark ambor songs. i mean the former is just uk drill, a genre i grew tired of a long time ago, and the latter sounds like royalty free music. to put it blunt, im not on board.
  • outside the charts, porter robinson is dropping a new album which im hella excited for! i love this new direction for him.

have a nice weekend everyone! <3




Porter Robinson going emo was not one of my predictions for 2024, but hey, I like both singles I've heard from him so far. He announced a tour today too! 




The way the new Porter Robinson song might be my soty so far... we're being fed fr




i prefer cheerleader by a lot but knock yourself out is still very good! 2024 is absolutely stacked of great music so far. we are indeed being fed and coming back for seconds at this rate




Fair enough lol, KNY reminds me a lot of Nurture so ig that's why I prefer it, and yea can't wait for Smile to arrive atp 




my music takeaway for the night (taylor’s version): 🥡

  • so last week, taylor swift dropped an album that, as we can predict, broke her own spotify record. it was an album i set an alarm for 5am to listen to, an album i was info-dumping to my brothers swiftie girlfriend to, an album that caused hmv to take 45 pounds out of me because i wanted the clear vinyl, and an album that same girl bought me because i wanted the albatross cd. it was a great album too, and i’m gonna talk about it.
  • fortnight taking the number 1 spot was inevitable, what with the single push, music video, big-name feature from post malone, and of course the first-track curse. it’s not my favourite track on ttpd by any means, but it’s a very good one.
  • fresh out the slammer reminded me of a lana del rey song. such a chilled-out listen. loml, clara bow and the smallest man who ever lived were also really amazing, and the latter really had some drama building.
  • there were a few lines in there that i would’ve rethought, like the majority of who’s afraid of little old me (it’s a little too over-the-top for me, taylor’s actually a sweetheart we shouldn’t fear), and that line in the title track about charlie puth being a bigger artist. i know you said you were high off chocolate before saying that, but charlie’s big enough as it is.
  • so long london might be one of her best track 5s to date. all i’ve done since hearing it on the album was put it on repeat and rave about it, and it’s gonna be up there with flyway (kero kero bonito) and cheerleader (porter robinson) among my most streamed songs of the year. the lyrical content is absolutely gut wrenching and joe is over after this (and a few lines across the album!) and it’s done across fantastic intense production
  • i was expecting something more folklorey because of its aesthetics, but absolutely not complaining about the pop because it sounds good as ever. but i got what i was expecting moreso two hours later because she casually dropped 15 more songs then like it’s nothing.
  • imgonnagetyouback is gonna be one of the most underrated taylor cuts in the years to come, along with cassandra, the albatross and the prophecy. they’re all amazing.
  • overall, as a standard edition this album isn’t one of her strongest, but the anthology brings this up in my ranking of her albums. she’s a fantastic songwriter and i had a great friday listening to it.