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Official Singles Chart Top 100 on 23/2/2024

23 February 2024 - 29 February 2024

The Official UK Singles Chart reflects the UK’s biggest songs of the week, based on audio and video streams, downloads, CDs and vinyl, compiled by the Official Charts Company. The UK Top 40 is broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and MTV, the Top 100 is published exclusively on OfficialCharts.com. View the biggest songs of 2024 so far.


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Eigenwijze 30


Eigenwijze 30 week 7 van 2024

1. 1 7 Raye, The Heritage orchestra - Oscar winning tears. (+ live)
2. 3 9 Monteverdi, Pygmalion, Raphaël Pichon - Vespro della beata Vergine: Lauda Jerusalem
3. 10 3 Riverside - Big tech brother
4. 4 6 Napfonat - Mint a zápor
5. 5 7 María José Llergo - Rueda, rueda
6. 8 6 Björk + Rosalía - oral
7. 6 9 Fia - Mycelium / Let her teach you
8. 2 6 P!nk - All out of fight
9. 11 4 Sivert Høyem - The rust
10. 12 3 Lenny Kravitz - TK421
11. 13 3 Bixiga 70, Simone Sou - Malungu
12. 9 5 Floating points - Birth4000
13. _ 1 The Smile - Friend of a friend
14. 16 7 Die Antwoord - Reanimated
15. 24 5 Nai Barghouti (ناي البرغوثي) - Ah ya helu ( اه يا حلو)
16. 7 10 Le Cri du Caire - Pearls for orphans
17. 17 2 The Last dinner party - Caesar on a TV screen
18. _ 1 The Pineapple thief - The frost
19. 14 3 Sigur Rós - Gold
20. 19 12 Sho Madjozi - Chale
21. 20 4 Teddy Swims - The door
22. 22 3 Froukje - Houden van mij
23. 26 7 Pendulum - Colourfast
24. 23 2 Gusgus - Unfinished symphony
25. 25 2 Sevda Alekperzadeh, Anıl Şallıel - Old town
26. _ 1 Waxahatchee + MJ Lenderman - Right back to it
27. 27 2 Karsu - Volg mijn pen
28. _ 1 Damian's ghost - High places (After life)
29. _ 1 Danny Brown, Kassa Overall - Jenn's terrific vacation
30. 29 2 Marlene Bakker - Oaventuren

Verwondering: Yg Marley - Praise Jah in the moonlight




Where are today's charts?




I agree with lilyyyy


Sunshine Gal


hey what's up everyone!  congrats to beyonce!  she made history over here by being the very first black female artist to go to #1 on the hot country singles chart!  very cool!  i've seen country heavyweights like garth brooks, the dixie chicks, shania twain, leann rimes, faith hill, florida georgia line, etc. dominate that chart over the years.

and it's great to see her #1 here in the uk...i've seen beyonce on the billboard hot 100 since way back in the day.  back when destiny's child's 2nd album 'the writing's on the wall' was out...don't remember their first album too much.




my top 20 (24.2.2024.)

1. (1) ANNALISA – sinceramente (2nd week at No.1)

2. (4) MAHMOOD – tuta gold

3. (3) BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB ft MATILDA MANN – fantasneeze

4. (2) TOM ODELL – loving you will be the death of me (2weeks at No.1)

5. (8) ZERB ft SOFIYA NZAU – mwaki

6. (5) BRITTANY HOWARD – prove it to you

7. (10) ORBITAL ft DAVID HOLMES & DJ HELEN ft MIKE GARRY – tonight in Belfast

8. (11) NOAH KAHAN & SAM FENDER – homesick

9. (6) TAI VERDES – pipe down

10. (13) ROYEL OTIS – velvet

11. (17) GARY CLARK JR. – hyperwave

12. (22) RY X – lençois (love me) (Cassian remix)

13. (18) JORDAN RAKEI – freedom

14. (7) SPRINTS – heavy (1week at No.1)

15. (12) THE BLACK KEYS – beautiful people (stay high)

16. (26) BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB – bad rabbit


18. (21) SATIN JACKETS & SMALL BLACK – why change the world

19. (9) TENTENDO x TAJ RALPH – out of sight (1week at No.1)

20. (15) GORGON CITY ft BBYAFRICKA – biggest regret

..............new songs at chart (top 45)...............

32. NEW – KASABIAN – call

34. NEW – CALVIN HARRIS ft RAG 'N' BONE MAN – lovers in a past life

35. NEW – BILLY JOEL – turn the lights back on

36. NEW – DUCK SAUCE ft FUZZY CUFFLINXXX – clap your feet

38. NEW – ALFIE TEMPLEMAN – eyes wide shut

41. NEW – THE KOLORS – un ragazzo una ragazza




There's NO chart entry at No33??




It’s such a shame there aren’t many bands around at the moment. Just solo artists (if you can even call them that as they are 70% auto tune) releasing the same sounding songs desperately trying to reach number 1. Personally, I believe music shouldn’t be created for money or fame, but rather to make statements and broaden people’s perception of the world. The majority of songs are devoid of meaning or opinion and if they do (rarely) possess meaning of any sort, they are ‘sung’ with a boring voice that is absolutely no different from the rest of these seemingly computer generated Popstars that are so afraid of losing money they erase all personality. I adore bands that sound different and contain a certain rawness, not only this, but also with lyrics that are different and actually say something about the world. Unfortunately, they aren’t all to common anymore.




What is, unfortunately, all too common, are people like you rhapsodising about how much better music used to be, when the business model hasn't really changed all that much, and if anything, the music landscape is far more decentralised and listener-driven than it used to be. If you tar all modern artists, even modern charting artists, with the same brush, it simply shows you're not listening hard enough. You probably have your own preconceptions, and little interest in challenging them, so why should we take your opinion seriously? Especially when it seems to be uttered by almost everyone when they reach a certain age...yet what floors me is how each of these people nonetheless act like they are delivering some profound insight. What is clear is a total lack of self-awareness.

And I should also add that you're looking at "the good old days" with rose-tinted glasses, since you remember all the best and most influential songs, rather than the more disposable records of...more questionable artistic merit, that were produced for little other reason than to make money for the label.

You should take a minute to critically reflect on your thoughts and feelings on this, but I doubt you will, as this line of thinking makes you feel special and sophisticated, which I'm sure helps you sleep better at night.


Sunshine Gal


too bad this decade isn't the 80s, 90s, or 00s u.s. music scene!  we had just about every genre do outstanding in the states both in sales & on the charts.  streaming, in my opinion, really killed the music quality in recent years.  the 2000s decade was an absolute blast though!  hard to believe all that was 20+ yrs ago.  even so many artists who were big that decade over here can't believe how fast the time went by.  




you don't have to listen that hard to know that todays music ? doesn't compare to yesteryears music. it proves it when over 90% of music for tv adverts is from days gone by. paloma faith - make your own kind of music, sung by mama cass 1969, without you - badfinger, harry nilsson very early 70's. none of todays songs will EVER be known as classics.         auto-tune and drum machine, the ability to write, read music and play instruments and write their own songs helps.  




*olivia will be tagging as the reply system is shocking*

@Lilyyyy while there’s a lot of bad music being pushed today it was just the same as in the yesteryears, but people will always look back on the olden days and picture a perfect world because they’ll think of the legends rather than the gutter trash that was also being pushed. i like a lot of older stuff but just like the new stuff, you have to find your niche. that’s why i was ecstatic mitski finally charted because she’s had a cult following for a while and she’s a proper artist. i hate a lot of stuff in the charts, but for example rod stewart and barry manilow from the 70s was unlistenable. 

no one is making music with the intention to do well in the mainstream; that would just be money hungry major labels pushing for their artists to dumb down their music to do well. i’m a music producer myself and i don’t make music for success; i just enjoy it. no one is stopping you from listening to old stuff but you need a new outlook because you conveyed this wrong




@pressy you said exactly what i was thinking. there was just as much trash yesteryear as there is today 




@Sunshine Gal you only listen to mainstream music and think streaming is a bad thing so you’re going straight on my ignore list. don’t even need to explain.




@davidlancaster you have GOT to be joking. like i said to lily with new and old music you have to find your niche. sure, what you grew up on will have the nostalgia factor but there’s a lot of diamonds amongst the rubble in the current music scene. and why are you using tv adverts as an example?? newsflash, honey, it’s 2024 and no one gives a flying sh*te about songs made for tv adverts. it’s quite worrying that you say none of today’s songs are gonna be remembered as classics - with the weeknd and taylor swift having a lot of longevity? yeah i’d say they’re classic artists already because they earned that title. and there’s a lot of underground stuff you don’t know that’s more interesting than the majority of what’s in this dumb list. i get that you enjoy life as a boomer, but like lily you need a new outlook because there’s a lot of 70s music that reeks of a*se too




using tv adverts as an example is easy to understand, advert comes on and the song that is played with it determines if we take notice of it and that is why advertising companies use well known and popular songs, just read the comments on youtube, when someone says, my parents got michael jackson and i get cardi b ???? or , 'rihanna, this is how to look s*xy without talking you kit off', so true, all claire  grogan did was flash her lashes, if todays 'artists'- and i use that word very loosely, are around in 40 years then you've won, but i doubt it. in fact i'll bet that the songs from 60's, 70's and 80's will still be listened to 40 years from now. 




Glad that both Benson Boone and Teddy Swims have gone up.




Wow, yung filley made a song so good that its stopped existing and the #33 spot no longer exists!




OK, What is going on with Yung Filly - Grey? Why is it removed from the chart completely it was removed last weeks aswell im just wondering what the problem is




And now for the inevitable part of the day where I project my opinions directly in your faces. Look, I don't have a choice, ok? I wanted to do this.


The Last Dinner Party - Nothing Matters [27]

Beyoncé - TEXAS HOLD 'EM [1]

Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten [14]


Noah Kahan ft. Sam Fender - Homesick [18]

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Murder On The Dancefloor [16] (Just because you sound like the lady from The Last Dinner Party, doesn't mean you have to cover them in Radio 1's Live Lounge, ok? 'Cause you sound way too much alike.)

YG Marley - Praise Jah In The Moonlight [6]


Kanye West/Ty Dolla $ign - BURN [28]

Songer - Toxic [37]

Dua Lipa - Houdini [15]

Taylor Swift - Cruel Summer [9] (Make that 26 weeks now.)


Sonny Fodera/MK - Asking [32] (You do realise that this has been in the Top 40 since August, right?)

Ariana Grande - yes, and? [7] (I don't think duetting with Mariah Carey on this improves the song, in truth.)

Fred Again.. & baby keem - leavemealone [21]

Noah Kahan - Stick Season [5]

Dua Lipa - Training Season [4]

Zara Larsson & David Guetta - On My Love [34]

Jack Harlow - Lovin On Me [29]

Djo - End Of Beginning [11]


21 Savage - redrum [25]

Flo Milli - Never Lose Me [24]

Kanye West/Ty Dolla $ign - BACK TO ME [38]

Tate McRae - greedy [10] (22 weeks in the Top 10. So much for hot new music, eh?)

Kanye West/Ty Dolla $ign - CARNIVAL [13] (Yeah this is the lead single alright.)

Calvin Harris & Rag'n'Bone Man - Lovers In A Past Life [19]

Yung Filly - Grey [33] (We already have enough afrobeat tunes, mate.)

Chris Brown - Angel Numbers / Ten Toes [39] (Hooray, you're back. Did I ask though?)


Billy Gillies ft. Hannah Boleyn - DNA (Loving You) [23]

cassö/RAYE/D-Block Europe - Prada [8] (Oh, so NOW Radio 1 call him up)

Tate McRae - exes [26]

Noah Kahan - Forever [40]

Ella Henderson ft. Rudimental - Alibi [12]


Michael Marcagi - Scared To Start [31]

The Weeknd/Madonna/Playboi Carti - Popular [17]

Zach Bryan ft. Kacey Musgraves - I Remember Everything [22]

Good Neighbours - Home [30]


The Weeknd/JENNIE/Lily Rose Depp - One Of The Girls [36] (Whoever's still streaming this is clearly not a music lover.)

Paul Russell - Lil Boo Thang [35]

Benson Boone - Beautiful Things [2] (You can probably tell why I don't like ballads much.)

Kygo & Ava Max - Whatever [20]

Teddy Swims - Lose Control [3]




My Top 10 Songs Of The Week:

#1: Dylan – The Alibi (debut)  [New No.1!] 🇬🇧 (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)

#2: FLETCHER – Eras Of Us (=) 🇺🇸

#3: Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Murder On The Dancefloor (-2) 🇬🇧 (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)

#4: Martin Garrix & Third Party ft Oaks & Declan J Donovan – Carry You (debut) 🇳🇱 / 🇬🇧 (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)

#5: Bad Computer & Danyka Nadeau – Chasing Clouds (+1) 🇦🇺 / 🇨🇦

#6: Beyoncé - TEXAS HOLD ‘EM (debut) 🇺🇸

#7: Chris Stapleton – White Horse (+11) 🇺🇸

#8: Olivia Rodrigo – Can’t Catch Me Now (re-entry) 🇺🇸

#9: Megan Thee Stallion – HISS (+2) 🇺🇸

#10: Jazzy – Shooting Star (+7) 🇮🇪

Full chart on Crown Note: https://www.crownnote.com/charts/piran/pirans-top-50-210

Full chart on Buzzjack: www.buzzjack.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=269564


Sunshine Gal


hey what's up mate!  oh happy upcoming bday, next month right?  oh what's buzzjack?  so next month will mark 8 yrs since we became friends on billboard?  the time sure flew by!  oh when you were born, justin timberlake was first on the hot 100 with nsync's first single 'i want you back'...*around that time*




Hey Sunshine Gal! :) 

Yeah, it's at the end of next month, then the beginning of April will be eight years since I met you over on the Billboard site. 

That's a cool fact and here is now still getting Top 40 hits as a solo act to this day! 




Chart Review 23/02/24

Stuff has happened, and I'm here to guide you through it.

Yes people, it's the most epic chart week of the year so far, as Noah Kahan has finally been pushed off his seemingly impeachable throne. Admittedly, yes, it was because of the dreaded ACR, a rule that turns 7 years old this year and is mainly here to screw over the chances of a long-lasting tune like this. This also includes poor old Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who is unfairly ejected out of the Top 10 on the basis that her song keeps dropping in streams. Eh, it was fun while it lasted. Just please don't evaporate from view, ok? I'm begging you, Soph. Don't mess this up.

That however is irrelevant, 'cause there's a new face at the top spot, and it goes to someone who's been waiting for this moment for SIXTEEN FLIPPIN' YEARS. Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else that qualifies for this phrase, Beyoncé is No.1 again.

You, like I, may be unaware of how long it's been since she was last ripping up the charts like confetti, but not since 2008's If I Were A Boy creeped to the top has her name been positioned next to that significant 1 on the chart website. Or, if you include that Lady Gaga collab in 2010, fourteen years. Either way, I was barely out of nappies the last time she had a chart-topper, so clearly this is special. What is more alarming is that her 5th solo best-seller is the most, well, erm....


Yeah, you heard me, ODD. As in, I had no idea she was capable of this. For some reason, after announcing the sequel to 2022's seminal RENAISSANCE during those Super Bowl commercials everyone loves for some arbitrary reason (was half expecting Taylor Swift to release a new song tbh), Queen B flung two efforts out for public consumption and just hoped for the best. Lesser track 16 CARRIAGES still can't get a Top 40 placing for love or money, but all the hype has flung towards TEXAS HOLD' EM. And boy, has that hype flung her way. Debuting at 9 last week, the biggest smash she's made in years zooms to the top amid what's right below her in the charts, and no one is frowning at this outcome. Even though it's country music. And you know me, I LOATHE that style with a passion. I mean, why do you think I never care for Zach Bryan that much? Thankfully, this song works so well they may as well cordon off any other superstar comebacks in the next few months. Because they ain't beating this.

What else has happened, er, 4 new hits (+ Chris Brown returning 'cause I guess he thought it was cool or whatever) make up the record books this time out, and with it comes the return of good old Dua Lipa to the upper regions. You remember her, right? Course you do, Houdini's still in the Top 20, despite getting its feet stomped on by Jack Harlow in November. Not the best way to announce your comeback then. Anyways, Training Season's the follow-up, and it duly smashes its way to 4, which is not great. You may ask why, but one look at where she was on the Spotify charts may give it away a little, this song having relied on PHYSICAL RELEASES to bankroll it this high. Being No.1 on the Sunday chart was also part of its downfall. She'll probably tumble some spots next week despite the saturation airplay she's getting. Key word is probably. As for Training Season itself? Yeah it's fine or whatever. Not as good as Houdini though.

Just a shame that her low debut allows the banal Benson Boone and the catastrophically bad Teddy Swims to progress up the chart. Seriously why is Benson Boone top of the global Spotify chart? No one asked for him to do that well, que? Either way, blame Sam Ryder for all the success he's getting and let's just move on with our lives.

Victory in the album chart is a lot more acceptable this week, as Noah Kahan gets dumped off the top to make room for yet another chart-topper. In this case, Radio 2 fave Paloma Faith (last seen enjoying TikTok success with Only Love Can Hurt Like This) rightfully lose out to Bristol-based shouters IDLES. I love these lot. A lot. Even though I have a higher chance of getting a hit than them right now, they clearly know their way with an album, and latest effort TANGK becomes their 2nd chart-topper, after 2020 LP Ultra Mono achieved the feat. Nothing much to add, really, apart from STREAM GIFT HORSE RIGHT NOW. There. Did I get the message across?

Down at 11, and I think we may have a record for the biggest chart jump that I can remember, in the form of End Of Beginning by Stranger Things actor Joe Kerry, stage name Djo. This 2-year old track has gone viral on TikTok, blah blah blah, you know the drill by now. Except the fact that he's gone up 89 places from last week's 100. That probably wasn't on the cards. Either way, this is proof that not all actors are terrible singers. At the very least, he's a better singer than Ryan Gosling's mutterings. Yeah I said it. What are you gonna do? Abuse me in the replies?

oh wait you probably will

Shooting in at 19 is the first 2024 effort from Calvin Harris, a man who received plaudits all over for how much Miracle soundtracked 2023 (oh and Desire was Top 10 as well who cares), despite the fact that he keeps collabing with people he already collabed with. Next up on the plate is Rag'n'Bone Man, who already plied his trade on the sorta average Giant from 2019, but has now been roped in again for Lovers In A Past Life, resulting in Calvin's worst chart showing since that Potion fiasco in 2022. Which, coincidentally, started this whole trend. Seriously, Calvin, get some new friends. It doesn't help that this tune is mid, and couldn't sound more like Planet Funk's 2001 banger Chase The Sun if it tried. Genuinely I'm serious. Play these tunes side by side without the singing and you probably won't tell them apart. Plagirism in this day and age? Well I never... (isn't that Kanye West's motto at this point?)

Also breaking through the mold at 33 is Grey, the first solo Top 40 song for overachieving YouTuber and Soccer Aid star Yung Filly. He appeared on mid-table tune Hold with Chunkz in 2020, but can now spread his solo wings with Grey, as it climbs 19 places this week. Dropping a duet with Aitch seems to have done the trick, even though it sounds uncannily like Ckay's love nwantiti from a few years back. Mate, I know it's afrobeats season, but you could do a little bit more than this. Either way though, KSI is still keeping his crown as the best YouTuber-turned-chartstar, as Grey doesn't really offer much. May as well wait until 2028 for his next Top 40 hit then, I suppose.

Moving out the 40 sees NewEra climb to 44, which is absolutely not an awful dance track (you can smell the sarcasm, can't you), Bryson Tiller pops up at 52, the Bob Marley biopic sees a bunch of his tunes re-enter, and No.80 involves a collaboration between Jason Derulo and Michael Bublé that just DOESN'T. WORK. There's a fair few haters of Derulo on this site (Take You Dancing, anyone?), and those issues just aren't gonna subside with this flop. Also, I'm pretty sure Michael Bublé retired years ago, why is he still trying to chart?

Out next week to try and suppress the urge to disappear include indie-lameos Catfish and the Bottlemen after a 5 year break, meanwhile watching Selfish slip out the 40 today hasn't gone down well in the Timberlake campus, and I don't think Drown is the song to change that descent. Kings of Leon, Kasabian, Bugzy Malone, Lil Durk, SZA and Issey Cross are all back, Selena Gomez follows up mid-table snooze Single Soon with Love Me, whilst Rudimental attempt to capitalise on Dancing Is Healing, and Central Cee is back. AGAIN. He can't leave for five minutes, can he? The albums sees a battle between Ghetts, The Snuts, MGMT, Potter Payper, and Rod Stewart and Jools Holland that will inevitably go the way of the latter. Shame, really. I was looking forward to next week.


(P.S. Yung Filly has vanished from his No.33 spot. OCC. SORT IT OUT ASAP.)




Couldn't be happier with the new No.1, seeing Beyonce back at the top, and with a country song too, is the only alternative to SE-B I could have hoped for. Plus it stopped Benson Boone getting there, which is just the icing on the cake!




Bringing these back after a three-week absence, so sorry if there are mistakes in this.

I generally really like Calvin’s music, but ‘Lovers In The Past’ sadly did nothing for me. ‘Giant’ was an amazing collab with Rag’n’Bone Man back in the day at least!

(#33 in the chart should be 'Grey' by Yung Filly. Don't know why OCC aren't showing it but they didn't include it in the update too.) 

Top 40 Rankings: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/853c36a34ba9672917308d221340fb100db12828e76a5febab713c30493cfe23.png




When I was told earlier this week that ‘End Of Beginning’ sounds like something Steve Lacy would do, I had very high expectations… and it’s safe to say that they were absolutely met. Good to see it just beneath the Top 10! 😁

Also, up 89 places from last week?! That has to be one of the biggest climbs in Official Chart history.




It’s just typical how Noah Kahan blocked Sophie Ellis-Bextor from the top spot in five different charts, then as soon as ‘Stick Season’ goes on ACR, ‘Murder On The Dancefloor’ goes with it! 😩

Kind of a shame the latter never made it to #1 in the end, but having two very successful chart runs more than two decades apart from one another is still amazing for it. :)




I expected ‘Training Season’ to be higher this week if I’m being honest! Looks like the physical sales were really carrying this and it just dropped off over the past couple of days.

As for the song itself… I don’t mind it but ‘Houdini’ is easily the better single of the two.




‘Houdini’ is easily the better single of the two.

I totally agree. ;) <3




I know the charts can be full of surprises, but Beyoncé reaching the summit in 2024 with a country song is definitely one of the biggest we’ve had in a while.

Not complaining though since ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ is a fantastic song. Her first #1 single in the UK since ‘Telephone’ nearly 14 years ago! 😊