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Official Singles Chart Update on 9/9/2019

9 September 2019 - 15 September 2019

The UK's midweek Top 100 biggest songs, based on audio and video streams, downloads, CDs, vinyl, cassette and more. Compiled by the Official Charts Company from Friday to Sunday.

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Kenneth Borland


Has an artist ever been in the Top 20 themself at the same time as a song with their name in it is also in the Top 20? ie Post Malone the artist and then there is also the song called "Post Malone" by Sam Feldt featuring Rani at No.17?


Brandon Mwinga


Taylor swift is not doing well biggest streamed last week this week dropping drastically .the album is not that nice Reputation was better for me biggest songs of the year Ed sheeran I don't care, old town road ;senorita they ve fallen quickly. I'm glad to see Normani swinging around 30s position incredible




No change since yesterday at the very top as expected.

I do love that 'Circles' is set to climb into the Top 5, but it looks like 'Goodbyes' might actually survive ACR this week!

I'm so glad my prediction of 'Dance Monkey' becoming a big hit is looking likely to come true after all! :)




Hi piran
I'm so happy about this weeks midweek chart! I hope billie eilish and icona pop chart on Friday as they are both good singles. I'm also a massive fan of professor greens new single and wasn't expecting it to be that good, but I have a feeling it won't enter the top 40. I've gotten use to the fact that higher love might not go to number 1 but the number 2 spot is just as impressive, and it did go to number 1 in downloads and sales. "take me back to London" is still a good single and the fact that Ed sheeran has had three number ones from this album kind of makes it better that all tracks on n6 collabs could've gone in the top 40. I actually don't mind "lover" (the single) now that I listen to it more although I did think it was unusual that the music video for it was Christmas themed despite it still technically being summer. The archer, the man, cruel summer, Me! and you need to calm down, were my favourite tracks on the record so I actually am a fan of this album. It would be cool if halsey and Taylor collaborated because we'd both find it cool, but their voices are too different, but maybe one day
Have a good week, I might respond to u on Friday or if u reply now




Hey Tony! :)

Sadly, it looks like Billie Eilish & Icona Pop didn't make the Top 40 this week, but both songs are becoming big on radio, so I wouldn't rule that possibility out in the coming weeks just yet.

I'm really glad that 'Lover' has grown on you so much, since it's already one of my favourite official singles that Taylor has released this decade! 'Cruel Summer' is still my favourite track from her new album, but if you want to see how much I love all of the other tracks... well, just look at my Crown Note chart from two weeks ago! :D

Sorry I couldn't respond to you earlier in the week, but my latest chart review was posted a couple of days ago if you want to check that out! ;)