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Official Albums Chart on 20/11/1994

20 November 1994 - 26 November 1994

The UK's Top 100 biggest artist albums of the week, compiled by the Official Charts Company based on sales of CDs, downloads, vinyl, audio streams and video streams. View the biggest albums of 2024.

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The Brand New Heavies at no. 36 has a Last Week's position of 131. This is a marker that I have found that shows how the site's data has become corrupted. Any movement from outside the range of the chart (in this case a Top 100) should be marked as a RE. The position of 131 belongs to the ORIGINAL FLAVA album by the other group.


The Poacher


Don't know if it helps - and probably not the case here. But for some strange reason OCC add together the previous weeks chart position for an album/comp/soundtrack they think are the same (ish). The best example is Dirty Dancing (1CD release) and Ultimate Dirty Dancing (2Cd release) in the Soundtracks charts.... when both are in the chart.

This weeks' a good example - both are in the chart and the LW position is listed as 59 (in a top 50!) for both. In reality UDD was at 12 and DD at 47... and they add the "weeks in chart" together as well, 1377 as against my calcs of 482 / 861 (the differences are caused by the 2004/2005 missing weeks - OCC has them in the total but not the charts!)

I have pointed out to them adding chart positions together is completely illogical - but no acknowledgment or reply, and certainly nothing changes.




Hi Martin

Yes, I've noticed this bizarre behaviour too.