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Official Singles Chart Update on 10/6/2019

10 June 2019 - 16 June 2019

The UK's midweek Top 100 biggest songs, based on audio and video streams, downloads, CDs, vinyl, cassette and more. Compiled by the Official Charts Company from Friday to Sunday.

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Impressive that 'Old Town Road' is still in the running for #1! :)
I'm not really surprised about most of the debuts, except I never would've expected 'Shockwave' to possibly be in the Top 10.




Hi piran

Personally I'm very happy to see old Town Road going to number 1.at first time it was number 1,i didn't like or know the song that much so hopes it defrones I don't care. Not a fan of Liam Gallagher. Surprised Katy perry's new single has already started to go down. Not a fan of mabels mad love. I prefer don't call me up or ring ring (ring ring deserved more credit). Still glad the likes of billie eilish and Lewis capaldi are in the top 10.if u don't mind me asking, how will itunes affect the chart after it shuts down? Will we except more rap music through other streaming services, will the chart mainly stay the same or will there be less rap songs? Either way, I'm sure there will be changes
Thanks for reading my review




Hey Tony! :)
I'm glad we share the same thoughts on 'Old Town Road' & with Liam Gallagher, I personally love a lot of his music (especially as part of Oasis) but I can see why some people aren't fans at the same time.
I think even though iTunes is shutting down, it'll be merged with Apple Music, so you can still technically download songs, just not under the name of iTunes anymore. I'd imagine the impact of digital sales would get lessened slightly, so we might see a few more rap hits entering the chart than usual because of this, but it could also pave the way for pop songs to become big on streaming too.
I still need to hear Mabel's new song, but I like of what she's released as a solo artist already, so I'm hoping it'll be at least passable.