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Official Singles Chart Update on 3/6/2019

3 June 2019 - 9 June 2019

The UK's midweek Top 100 biggest songs, based on audio and video streams, downloads, CDs, vinyl, cassette and more. Compiled by the Official Charts Company from Friday to Sunday.

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Literally zero movement in the Top 10 from last week... seriously?!
At least last Friday was a relatively good one for new music. :)




Hi piran, glad to see Katy perry's new single in the top 40, may not be my favourite song but still glad. Not to fussed about cardi b and miley cyrus making another top 40 hit, so I won't be bothered whether they go in the top 40. Hope old town Road will go back to number 1 but may be unlikely. Still glad bad guy is still in the top 5 but sad that nightmare is going lower by the week. Not a fan of skepta. I actually used to go to school with skepta but he was much older and I only found this out recently. Sadly, not a fan and also sad to see say (don't go away) making it even more unlikely to go in the top 40.nothing too excited about this week's chart. U can see my review on last week's chart update. Also, may I ask why there's a lot of rap music? A year ago, the chart was full of pop hits that are maybe even played on the radio so why now is the top 40 and 100 filled with rap songs?




Hey Tony! :)
I think 'Never Really Over' is probably my favourite Katy Perry since 'Roar' at the earliest, maybe even since 'Wide Awake'.
'Nightmare' definitely deserves to do better & while Skepta is one of the UK urban acts I like more, I'm still not interested enough to buy his album to be totally honest.
I think the reason there's more rap nowadays is because it does a lot better in streaming, while pop fares better on sales. Streaming (including YouTube) count towards the chart more than ever now & with iTunes shutting down soon, that's why rap is taking over like never before.