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Official Albums Chart on 16/11/2018

16 November 2018 - 22 November 2018

The UK's Top 100 biggest artist albums of the week, compiled by the Official Charts Company based on sales of CDs, downloads, vinyl, audio streams and video streams. View the biggest albums of 2023.

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i posted a comment here last week about the credibility of these charts.... its not changed in a week....the Beatles are still outselling all the others but bot being listed correctly. and my post has been airbrushed!...I agree with Stephen below....how can you suggest gleefully 'ooh the Beatles manage a 1,500% increase' to their classic 30 track double from1968 when its now got 127 tracks on - its a boxed set!....not the same product, its a box set entering the generic album chart and therefore the little anecdotes spun are corrupt.


Stephen Butler


Why do the Official Charts register albums that are clearly special editions such as The Beatles at No.4, as a re-entry rather than a new entry? This is a new release and ought to be listed as such, no?


Gábor Boncz


Imagine that you bake a cake. It's THE CAKE. Then, because noone eats it or it is a giant cake so you have leftover, you put it in the freezer. Years later you take it out, defrost it and put a cherry on top. It is the same cake but with the cherry it is a special edition. I guess that's why THE CAKE (SPECIAL EDITION) would be a re-entry on the official cake chart and not a new entry.




Yes, but this particular cake costs 10 times as much as a regular CD... Shouldn't it count x 10 as far as sales are concerned, or at least x 6 (per CD count)?