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Official Singles Chart Update on 10/9/2018

10 September 2018 - 16 September 2018

The UK's midweek Top 100 biggest songs, based on audio and video streams, downloads, CDs, vinyl, cassette and more. Compiled by the Official Charts Company from Friday to Sunday.

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If there's any Eminem track from his new album that's going to be in the Top 5 this week, I'm glad it's 'Fall'! :)
I'm surprised to see 'Taste' gain as much as it did, but I also expected 'All I Am' to be higher than it is.




Hey Piran! Really not happy with how the Top 10 is shaping up to be this week, there's only really 4 songs in it that I like currently, which has got to be a new low for this year. I was at first hoping a couple of the Eminem album tracks and Taste would drop out this week to make way for All I Am, In My Mind, and Electricity, but it looks like they're staying put for now :/

I Love It debuting that high really is surprising me, but besides the song's pretty funny video, I don't like anything else about the song- the production is pretty generic, Kanye and Lil Pump's verses aren't noteworthy at all, and the song is a ridiculously short one. Considering it's rising so quickly on streams at the moment, I can see it going to #1, maybe even pulling a Drake and spending a good few weeks there, which I definitely wouldn't be much of a fan of.

I was also hoping Thunderclouds could break into the Top 20 this week, but that doesn't seem to be happening, and I don't think it will get much further along once the missing streams have been added. None of last weeks new entries don't seem to be rising much either, and I didn't even like most of them!

This week is honestly reminding me of the US Billboard charts, we usually have a little more of a diverse Top 10 and 40 with a lot more pop and even some pretty good urban and grime tracks instead of the terrible rap stuff they sometimes have (like 6ix9ine), but this doesn't appear to be happening this week. I'm hoping it won't stay like this for long, but who knows.

I do like seeing Happier at #10, though I do think either In My Mind or All I Am could potentially swap it's place by the end of the week. Besides that though I can't think of any other good things about this week's chart at all, I'm disappointed by so many things here it's unbelievable!




Hey Ted! :)
Yeah, there are a few bland rap songs in the Top 10 at the moment which are stopping some of the better pop-dance tracks from entering the region, which is indeed what I've been used to this year following the Hot 100. This week, all 10 songs inside the Top 10 in the US have a rapper on it, with nine as a lead artist!
'All I Am' is definitely going at least Top 10 when the album release gives it a further sales boost, but not too sure about 'In My Mind', hopefully if it can maintain its sales & streams for a couple more weeks.