Eurovision quiz: Can you score more than 'nul points'?

Eurovision may be cancelled this year, but Eurovision Song Contest knowledge.

This year's Eurovision Song Contest may have been cancelled, but that's not going to stop us celebrating it anyway. 

Fans, like us, have been keeping the Eurovision spirit alive in recent weeks with collective viewings of vintage years, specially-curated playlists and - yes - quizzes! We pride ourselves on our Eurovision geekery, and we now challenge you to show how strong your own scorecards are, with our quiz on all things Eurovision.

How much do you remember about the Eurovisions of yesteryear? We look at the highs, lows and don't-knows. Will you be the one revelling in winners' glory? Or will you left redfaced and on the first plane home with nothing to comfort you but your nul points? 

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Look back at every UK Eurovision entrant ever in our gallery:

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2020 James Newman - My Last Breath

Main image: Andres Putting