Miley Cyrus's biggest songs on the Official UK Chart

We count down her Official Top 20 biggest songs of the pop chameleon to date in the UK

Miley Cyrus has always been a pop chameleon that has used her albums and singles to search for the deepest emotional truth. 

In the years since her debut as Hannah Montana, she's blazed a trail that is entirely her own. There is a reason why every single album era and single sounds different from the one that came before, but also why they all still feel true to who Miley was when they were made. And no-one could quite pull off that trick like Miley Cyrus.

And now, after becoming the biggest pop star in the world again for the second time in her career thanks to the success of Flowers, Miley's ready to do it all again. New single Used To Be Young is due to drop this Friday and is still shrouded in mystery; what does it sound like? What is it about? Is Endless Summer Vacation Vol. 2 on the way?

Whatever the answers, as Miley's Official Top 20 biggest songs ever in the UK prove, we're in for one hell of a ride.


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5. Midnight Sky

Released: 2020
Official Singles Chart peak: Number 5
Total UK chart units: 1.3 million

Many may point to 2023 single Flowers (and trust us, we'll get to that!) as Miley's true post-Bangerz comeback to commercial prominence, and while it may have been her most successful single since 2013, the groundwork was laid fair in advance with the dazzling lead track from Plastic Hearts. A shimmering disco tune with a dark underbelly, Miley's tale of a tordid, sordid break-up and the emancipation that comes afterwards also handily works as a coda to the much-sought freedom and peace she would find on her endless summer vacation...

4. Wrecking Ball

Released: 2013
Official Singles Chart peak: Number 1
Total UK chart units: 1.4 million

Simply put, one of the best power ballads this side of 1982, Wrecking Ball will probably always be the defining moment of Miley's career. But take away the licking of hammers, the naked swings and you'll find a song that still stands up. When the crystalline synths on the chorus shatter when Miley howls 'I came in like a wrecking ball!' you'll soon remember why this was the biggest song in the world as soon as it dropped. 

3. Flowers

Released: 2023
Official Singles Chart peak: Number 1
Total UK chart units: 1.4 million

She can love herself better, baby. Flowers came about at the perfect time for Miley Cyrus; after years of sonic experimentation it landed her in the happy middle-ground of pop, indie-rock and disco, it offers a fascinating coda into the media obsession with her personal life and it was - can you believe it - a cracking song too. Jumping straight in at Number 3 on her all-time ranking after being released in January this year, Flowers is already Miley's second most-streamed song ever in the UK (165 million streams) and, after 10 consecutive weeks at Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart, at the time of writing, Flowers is also the biggest song of 2023 so far. Not bad going, right? 

2. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (with Mark Ronson)

Released: 2019
Official Singles Chart peak: Number 2
Total UK chart units: 1.41 million

A forlorn country ballad but make it...a banger? Sadly, we never got to see the full breadth of Miley's collaborations with Mark Ronson (they were supposed to work on her She Is Miley Cyrus that was unfortunately scrapped, but Mark does appear in the credits of some Plastic Hearts tracks), Nothing Breaks Like A Heart was something of a surprise hit for both artists at the end of 2019 - reaching Number 2 on the Official Singles Chart and garnering nearly 160,000 digital downloads and 156 million streams/

1. Party in the USA

Released: 2009
Official Singles Chart peak: Number 11
Total UK chart units: 1.8 million

Perhaps the biggest takeaway here - Party in the USA never even got to Top 10 in the UK?! What was up with that, guys?

Because, really, what's not to like? Party in the USA functions as the perfect bridge from Miley's past as Hannah Montana to what then seemed to be (and, indeed, turned out to be) an exciting pop future. She puts her hands up! The DJ is playing Britney Spears! Seems like a pretty perfect set-up to us. 

Overall, Party in the USA ranks as Miley's most successful track by far in the UK. It tops the list with 1.8 million chart units in total, including over 320,000 digital downloads and the most streams of any Miley track here, 172 million.

Suddenly, this does seem like a Nashville party.

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