Elton John wants to see new blood on the Official Albums Chart: "Why aren't good new albums in there? Because of people like me!"

The living legend has thrown his support behind like likes of Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten..and Kate Bush, of course.

Elton John has opened up about the resurgence of legacy arts on the Official Charts over the past year, and admitted he would like to see some new blood re-enter the charts. 

Elton had a magnificent 2021, scoring three UK Number 1 singles within the space of the year, one of them being the iconic Official Christmas Number 1 with Ed Sheeran and LadBaby thanks to Sausage Rolls For Everyone. 

But the living legend - who became the only act to achieve Top 10 singles across six consecutive decades of their career last year - admits that it may be time for the old guard to stand down.

"It's lovely to see Kate Bush at Number 1," Elton told Music Week, referencing Kate's recent record-breaking ascent to the top of the Official Singles Chart with Running Up That Hill. "But there's not many good records in the Top 20, and the [Official Albums Chart] is full of thing like me, ABBA and Queen."

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Elton has long been a champion of new artists, in recent years he's helped guide the careers of acts like Dua Lipa, Rina Sawayama and Sam Fender...and he certainly has some ideas of which artists should be enjoying similar kinds of success as he is in the twilight years of his career.

"There are a lot of good albums that deserve to be [topping the Official Albums Chart]," he continued, "like Juanita Euka, Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen. What I want to know is why aren’t they there? Because of people like me!”

One thing Elton is certainly right about is that people "like him" - chart legacy acts who have been popular across generations and various decades - are still as successful as ever in the UK.

Just yesterday, Queen's Greatest Hits became the first album in Official Charts history to cross 7 million UK chart 'sales.' Last year also saw ABBA reunite for their first new album of original material in 40 years - Voyage eventually became the third best-selling of 2022 as a whole, beating out the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa and Dave.

Article Image: Gregg Kemp

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Angry UK Chart Fan


Ignorance and arrogance from a senile old man...


Jack fitsy


Maybe he should stop whoring his name out to younger artist then! He hasnt had a solo hit in decades! He once dragged Madonna for working with Britney Spears ( back in 2003) when she was a young 43, now look. Sticking his name on anything just to get a hit. Its laughable! Proving he was just jealous of Madonna's incredible success and tenacity all




Must we correct this again? Cliff was the first to achieve a top 10 in 6 decades: 50s,60s,70s,80s,90s (famously a #1 in each too), 2000s: Santa's List in 2003 (or Millennium Prayer hanging over from 1999 into 2000).

I don't see why you would discount all of his 1950's entries because they are with The Shadows, when historically he has been credited with the #1s in 5 decades record from 50s-90s. His Saviour's Day special edition celebrates this fact.


Mark Wislen


If enough People bought 'New' Albums, by New Artists, then they would certainly outsell, the so-called 'Legacy'/'Heritage', (Old), Acts. It's not the fault of Acts, such as: David Bowie, ABBA, Queen, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Eminem, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Oasis, Elvis Presley - and Elton - that New Albums often cannot Sell enough, to get into the Top 40. Removing 'Legacy'/'Hits' Albums, from the Top 100, would only cause 'New' Acts to Chart with very low Selling Albums. Their Sales would not rise, just because 'Old' Acts are no longer in their way. The logic is stupid, and the Album Chart would be ruined, if 'Old' Acts, and 'Hits' Albums, were not allowed to Chart. It would totally alienate Millions, who are Fans of ABBA, Queen, and The Beatles, etc. It really would be a huge PR disaster.


Tal Gabay


People dont buy records any more. They buy greatest hits. That is why Queen, Abba and Elton are so successful. Oh and Ed and Adele...for old people




Actually, I've heard streams count towards the Greatest Hits. Hence most of them (Abba Gold, Legend, Diamonds, Curtain Call etc.) have been on chart unbroken since streaming came into the album chart in 2017.


Rob Parkinson


Fleetwood Mac - Rumours