Dasha's Austin: Who is the singer behind viral country song?

Meet the rising singer-songwriter behind viral hit Austin
Dasha Austin

Country music's having a moment right now. Whether it's Beyoncé's month-long stint at Number 1 with TEXAS HOLD 'EM, Kacey Musgraves' projected success with Deeper Well or Luke Combs' first-ever UK Top 40 with Fast Car, the genre's inescapable on the Official Chart.

And the latest name making waves on the country scene? Enter: Dasha.

Dasha's track Austin will no doubt have popped up on your FYP over the past few weeks; with the song transcending its social media success to earn the singer-songwriter her first Official Singles Chart appearance.

But who is Dasha and what are the origins of this viral hit?

Allow us to get you up to speed.

Who is Austin singer Dasha?

Dasha is a singer-songwriter hailing from San Luis Obispo, California.

When was Dasha born?

Dasha was born on February 27 2000.

Where is Dasha based?

Dasha new resides in Nashville; the home of country music.

What is Dasha's full name?

Dasha was born Anna Dasha Novotny.

What is Dasha's musical background?

Speaking to CountrySwag.com, Dasha explained: "I first got into the whole world of entertainment when I got into musical theatre around age five.

"I became obsessed with performing and storytelling on stage, basically just putting on a show. By age eight, I picked up piano and guitar. I had always been really into poetry as a kid, too."

Dasha Austin

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Who are Dasha's musical inspirations?

Dasha cites Dolly Parton, Kacey Musgraves and Avril Lavigne among her musical idols.

How did Dasha's Austin song go viral on TikTok?

Austin gained traction on TikTok after Dasha posted what would become a viral dance to the track.

Posting a clip of her line dancing to the song on TikTok, Dasha said: "In case you need a new line dance for the honky."

Since then, many users have posted their choreographed routines to the song.

What are the stats behind Dasha's Austin on TikTok?

Austin's numbers on the platform are impressive. Week-on-week, TikTok video creations using the track are up 326.58%, with video views up an incredible 1235.90%.

What's the story behind Dasha's Austin song?

Speaking to CountrySwag.com about the making of the track, Dasha explained:

"Austin is one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written. The story behind writing the song is really cool.

"We were all writing this song called Play Dumb. It was like this cheating song about knowing someone’s cheating on you, but playing dumb, so you can hold on a little bit longer, and I didn’t relate to the song, so I was having trouble writing it.

"I started freestyling over it, and I started the chorus for Austin, exactly how you hear it."

When did Dasha's Austin first chart in the UK?

Austin made its first Official Singles Chart appearance in March 2024, when it debuted at Number 81. The track became Dasha's first-ever UK Official Top 40 hit.

Dasha's Austin is out now via VERSION III.

Listen to Dasha's Austin below:

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