Darkoo talks Gangsta success and plans for a full-length project: "This is just the beginning"

Darkoo's Gangsta, a favourite on TikTok last year, landed her with a massive Top 40 hit. We find out what she's planning next.

After a string of low key but well received releases starting when she was 15, Darkoo was catapulted to mainstream success last year with her track Gangsta; a hook-laden collaboration with One Acen armed with an infectious melody that caught the ears of TikTok users, sending it stratospheric. 

One thing that immediately sets Darkoo apart is her voice. Whether she's singing or rapping, the South London-based, Nigerian born artist boasts a vocal packed with charisma, charm and vibrancy that commands attention. 

Following the release of her latest track Kryptonite, and the launch of the first ever Official Afrobeats Chart this week, we caught up with the rising star to find out what she's planning next - and it seems something big is on the horizon... 

Kryptonite has such an uplifting, feel-good vibe and the visuals have an important message. Were you keen to put out something positive in these strange times?

The last few months have obviously been strange, it’s not easy to create music or stay motivated. At one stage I went to stay somewhere with my producer so we could both isolate and get some things done. The main message I wanted to put out in the video is for people to be comfortable in their own skin. I'm happy with who I am and I want to encourage young girls to be happy with themselves too.

Gangsta was obviously a huge breakthrough moment; Have you noticed a change in your career since then? Is the pressure on now to deliver?

I see who's been supporting me from the beginning. I'm just going to continue being myself and hopefully my music continues to connect with people. I'm grateful for the opportunities Gangsta gave me, this is just the beginning!

The first ever Official Afrobeats Chart launches this week. What’s your take on the evolution of Afrobeats over the past few years?

Africa to the world and back! It’s nice to see recognition of our music in the official charts, it’s a real game changer. We’ve gone from listening to Afrobeats on a more cultural level to now seeing it in a commercial space – nice to see!

We’re enjoying the new tracks you’ve put out this year; are there any plans for a full-length project? 

There's definitely plans in the future for a full body of work. For now I will keep building, it may come sooner than you think!

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