Charli XCX's Official Top 20 biggest songs in the UK revealed

It's Charli baby and her biggest hits on the UK singles chart.
charli xcx's biggest songs in the uk

Charli XCX is living life, Von dutch. 

Ever the pop chameleon, Charli has changed tack yet again for her upcoming sixth studio album BRAT, seeking to re-position her in a more electronic oeuvre with and LP that she's promised will tackle elements of gossip, jealousy and indulgence. 

This is all displayed on the record's lead single, Von dutch; a glitchy electro-pop tune all about Charli batting away other people's perceptions of her.

Von dutch's provocative video sees Charli rip around France's Charles de Gaulle Airport, all the while pushing off the advances of an intrusive cameraman, before jumping off the wing of a jumbo jet. All in a day's work for a big pop girl, of course.

To date, Charli has racked up a total of six UK Top 10 hits on the Official Singles Chart, one UK Number 1 single (Icona Pop collab I Love It) and one chart-topping album (CRASH).

She's, in many ways, one of the ultimate pop collaborators, too. We reveal the full Top 20 list below, which includes link-ups with the likes of Lizzo, David Guetta and Rita Ora.

But first, here's a closer look at the Top 5:

5. 1999 (ft. Troye Sivan)

Official Singles Chart peak: Number 13
Total UK chart units: 658,000

Teaming up with Australian popstar Troye Sivan, the pop culture references included in 1999 helped to make it one of Charli's biggest recent successes. Its meme-able video helps the track garner the third-most streams of any Charli track (73 million UK streams to date).

4. Boom Clap

Official Singles Chart peak: Number 6
Total UK chart units: 743,000

It starts with a boom and ends with a clap. Charli entered true solo supremacy on this breezy and confident single from The Fault in Our Stars film soundtrack, which helped launch her second record Sucker. With 53 million UK streams its name so far, Boom Clap still sounds like falling in love all over again.

3. Out Out (with Joel Corry, Jax Jones and Saweetie)

Official Singles Chart peak: Number 6
Total UK chart units: 889,000

If we're going out out for the night...

Charli may have waxed lyrical about giving into major label machinations for her fifth album CRASH, but the most obvious 'sell-out' moment of that cycle was when Charli leant her vocals to this chaotic banger from Joel Corry and Jax Jones, with an eye-catching (but very short) verse from Saweetie, which sampled Stromae's Alors on Danse.

Out Out actually blows the competition away, coming in as Charli's most-streamed song ever in the UK, with over 106 million streams.

2. Fancy (with Iggy Azalea)

Official Singles Chart peak: Number 5
Total UK chart units: 1.2 million

Who dat, who dat? Iggy Azalea hit Charli up for the memorable hook in her biggest hit, Fancy. A Number 1 hit in the US, it had to settle for a peak of Number 5 here. Don't feel too bad, though. Fancy has just been replaced by Out Out as Charli's most-streamed song here, but now comes in second place (95 million UK streams to date). However, it's still her most-streamed video,  with over 11 million plays in the UK.

1. I Love It (with Icona Pop)

Official Singles Chart peak: Number 1
Total UK chart units: 1.3 million

An incendiary hit upon release, Charli originally wrote I Love it for inclusion on her alt-pop debut album True Romance, but it didn't fit the gothic sonics of the record and was instead given to Swedish girl group Icona Pop.

A lot was made at the time of Charli giving away such a massive hit, but she still soaked up most of the song's momentum. Hitting Number 1 in the UK after a laborious trip to the top (which included a feature in Lena Dunham's TV series Girls), I Love It is Charli's best-selling song in the UK with total chart units in excess of 1.3 million and counting, including 85 million UK streams and 588,000 downloads.

See Charli XCX's Official Top 20 biggest songs in the UK to date:

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