KSI talks Number 1 hopes for second album: "It's just a level up to Dissimulation"

"They're going to see a completely different animal..."

KSI has teased details of his second album, promising the music is "a level up" from his debut record Dissimulation. 

In an interview with Music Week, the rapper and YouTube star said the success of his recent singles Really Love and Don't Play - both Top 3 hits on the Official Singles Chart - will help propel his new collection to the top spot. 

"A No.1 album, man. I definitely feel like I'll get it," he said. "I feel like the songs I've been putting out have smashed people's expectations.

"Chart-wise and numbers-wise, it just shows that I'm progressing when it comes to the music."

KSI's debut album Dissimulation landed at Number 2 on the Official Albums Chart last June after a close battle with The 1975, and finished as the UK's second-biggest debut album of 2020.

"I feel like people are excited whenever I put out music now," he continued. "Before it was like, 'Why's he trying this music thing?' Now it's, 'Yo, when is he dropping another tune, I love this song, I can't wait."

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KSI promised that when it comes to his second album, "they're going to see a completely different animal when it comes to the music, because it's just a level up to Dissimulation. I've shown that already with the few singles that I've dropped - and I haven't even dropped the best songs." 

The Watford-born star also assured fans that as well as working with "a few big artists" on the record, he's got "quite a few tunes on my ones as well, just to shut up the haters who only think I do songs with features."

Article image: Kelvin Jones