Elton John criticises modern pop: 'Chart music isn't real music'

The legendary musician believes "proper songs" have become "too sophisticated" for the charts.

It seems Elton John isn't a fan of the current crop of Top 40 hits, claiming that "proper songs" have become "too sophisticated" for the mainstream. 

Speaking to BBC Radio 6 Music, Elton revealed he is a fan of US singer-songwriter and musician Father John Misty, whose songwriting style reminds him of his own.

"(Misty) reminds me a little bit of me the way he writes songs,” Elton said, adding that he was also a fan of 21-year-old Conan Gray, a rising singer-songwriter who crafts his own music.

"He’s from America and he’s the only person in the American Spotify Top 50 to actually write the song without anybody else,” he said.

"Everybody else there’s four or five writers on (a track) and (Conan is) going to be huge,” he predicted. “You look at most of the records in the charts – they’re not real songs. They’re bits and pieces and it’s nice to hear someone write a proper song."

Conan's latest single Heather is on course to enter in the Official UK Singles Chart Top 40 this week. 

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“I like people who write songs," Elton explained. "And there’s plenty of people that do but a lot of them don’t get played on the radio because they’re too sophisticated and we get songs made by a computer all the time and I’m not interested in that.”

Elton was being interviewed ahead of the first instalment of this year's Record Store Day on August 29, which includes re-release of his debut album. Despite the reissue, Elton insisted he won't be revisiting his old hits anytime soon.

"I don’t listen to any of my records any more," he said. "I just don’t do it. I’m not one of these artists that sits there compiling stuff from all the vaults and stuff like that. I’m more interested in what’s coming next than what went by."

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