Christmas Number 1 2022 Contenders: RAYE's paean to pain Escapism. could be the most unlikely #XmasNo1 in years

RAYE has one eye on the Christmas Number 1 race, but also one eye on the future as she discusses Escapism.'s impact on the UK charts.

Christmas, for some, can be a very lonely time of year. That's not talked about enough. But it seems that for droves of people up and down the country, they've found solace and acceptance in one song in particular - Raye's bold and bracing Escapism., which has quickly become the most unlikely contender for the coveted Official Christmas Number 1 in years. 

Burning a bright trail up the Official Singles Chart for the past few weeks since going viral on TikTok, Raye's paean to accepting and then expelling her pain and trauma like a poison stands this week at Number 2, the highest-charting single of her career so far.

With the track still holding steady inside the Top 3, alongside festive heavyweights Mariah Carey and Wham! (!), we jumped on the phone to Raye to discuss what just might be the wildest and weirdest song to root for in taking the UK's most important Number 1 single next week.

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Raye, the song is growing week-on-week in the UK, Escapism. is alongside Mariah and Wham! in the chart right now...this must be, surely, the most unlikely Christmas Number 1 contender in years?

[laughs] I think I would have to agree!

Did you ever think we would be here, talking about it like this?

No! It's bonkers. It doesn't make any sense. Honestly, the fact that we're having this conversation is hilarious. 

When you listen to Escapism., the first word that doesn't come to mind, let's be honest, is Christmas. Why do you think people are connecting to it?

Obviously, TikTok just...took it and done a madness. I don't know if it's a thing of, people are going from the sound and listen to the song and leading it [that way]. For me, when I created this song, I really needed it. It was medicine to me. It was a way to process heartbreak and some things that are even heavier. Clearly, there's a lot of heartbroke b*tches out there who need some help and need some love. If they're using the song to process that emotion, that's an honour. That's great. 

Christmas can, of course, be a lonely time for a lot of people - maybe the song has given them something to relate and hold on to when they need it most

I mean, a part of me does wonder if this had happened at another time of year...would I have stolen that Number 1? [laughs] But maybe this was it with the Christmas connection. I don't even know. You can't know. You can't wish for anything else to be different because, the position I'm in now...I'm holding the Top 3 at Christmas. That's stupid, actually. 

The 2022 Official Christmas Number 1 will be announced on Friday, December 23. The full Christmas Top 40 will be counted down on BBC Radio 1's Official Chart Show with Jack Saunders from 4pm.

The full Top 100 Official Christmas Singles Chart and Albums Chart will be published on from 5.45pm.

Escapism. is out now via Human Re Sources.

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Del d


That reminder why i stopped listening to new stuff




would be brilliant if it beats FraudBaby


thierry henon


ESCAPISM has to be number 1 either this year or the next!! Amazing single, great vocals!!