Watch Olivia Rodrigo pay tribute to Lana Del Rey and her musical legacy: "She has raised an entire generation"

She's right and she should say it!

Olivia Rodirgo has paid tribute to Lana Del Rey, saying that the icon has "raised an entire generation" of singer-songwriters.

The Sour songstress took to the stage at last night's Billboard Women In Music Awards 2023 in LA to present Lana with the Visionary Award, a true acknowledgement to how Lana has affected and effected the culture of pop music in a myriad of different ways in the decade plus that she's been making music in the public eye.

"More important than her long list of accolades is the unique way she impacts everyone who encounters her and her music," Olivia said. "Lana has raised an entire generation of music lovers and songwriters like me and taught them there is beauty in their vulnerability and power in their melancholy."

Olivia went on to say that the first Lana song she ever heard was her 2011 major label debut single Video Games, one of the most influential pieces of pop music released in the last 20 years, from its melancholic, hip-hop influenced production, to Lana's own whispering cadence, a technique that has been embraced by everyone in pop and hip-hop. 

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Olivia continued: "I still consider that song to be probably the best love song of all time. She captures sadness, anger and sensualities in a way only the greatest songwriters ever could."

She also praised Lana's integrity and commitment to self in her career, paying tribute to the way she "never sacrificed her unique voice and perspective in an industry that constantly tries to put you in a box."

Picking up her Visionary Award, Lana paid tribute to Olivia ("I cannot believe someone who wrote Drivers License is standing right next to me") as well as Interscope label-mate Billie Eilish and promised her fans that while she doesn't have a "long-term vision" for her career, she is "very, very happy."

Long live the queen!

Lana is in the midst of preparing for the release of her eighth album Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd.? which is due to to drop March 24, after being preceded by the gospel-tinged title track and the bizzaro mix of folk-rock and trap that is A&W

Lana is currently the female solo act with the fifth most Number 1 albums in the UK, tying with Celine Dion. If Did you know...does get to Number this month, she would tie with Barbra Streisand in fourth place - read about what another Number 1 award means to Lana's current album campaign, all about her thoughts about her own legacy and lasting impact, here.

As for Olivia, after conquering the world with 2021 album Sour and its two Number 1 singles, Drivers License and Good 4 U, she's currently hard at work in the studio on the follow-up with her producer Dan Nigro. 

Article Image: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

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Angry UK Chart Fan


Lana and Billie Eilish made melancholic pop trendy and cool... and why pop music has gotten less exciting and less fun in recent years. TikTok also amplifies the popularity of the teen-pandering angsty, story-driven borefest that hit the UK Top 40. I prefer my Britneys, Rihannas and Gagas (and Dua Lipas). Even recent K-Pop is more interesting than many of recent Western singer-songwriter pop.

Lana's music is kinda great though in its own way (and deserves more recognition), it's the impact and influence popularised through Billie and Olivia that I have grown to despise.