The Official Charts Guide to Eurovision 2024: Semi-final running order, full list of contestants and more

Everything you need to know about the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.
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The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is coming!

Following the history-making victory of Loreen and Tattoo at 2023's ceremony in Liverpool, Loreen became the first woman (and only the second person ever) to win the competition twice, following her initial win with Euphoria in 2011.

Thanks to this, Eurovision will be taking a trip to Sweden for the next instalment of the competition with Years & Years' Olly Alexander representing the United Kingdom in the 2024 Eurovision contest. Here's everything you need to know about the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, from where it's taking place, to the acts and songs that will be hitting the stage.

When and where does the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 take place?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will take place in Malmö, Sweden, following Loreen's victory in Liverpool. 

As usual, Eurovision will be split into three parts; two semi-finals and then the Grand Final, which will all take place next May. 

Semi-Final 1 is scheduled to air May 7 2024, with Semi-Final 2 airing May 9 2023 and the Grand Final on May 11 2023.

Who is the UK representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

Olly Alexander will be the UK representative for Eurovision 2024! Formerly of the pop band Years & Years, Olly's Eurovision entry, titled Dizzy, will be his debut release as a solo artist. The song has been co-written and produced by Danny L Harle, who has worked with Charli XCX, Caroline Polachek and recently helmed Dua Lipa's UK Number 2 hit Houdini.

Dizzy is set for release March 1 via Polydor.

When will the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final take place and where can I watch it?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final will take place on May 11 2023. As with last year, it will be broadcast live on BBC One and iPlayer.

As an extra treat, the BBC has confirmed that both semi-finals will also be broadcast live on BBC One and iPlayer next year too.

Have any acts been confirmed for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

Yes! These are all the acts confirmed for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023:

Every country participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024


Besa - Zemrën N’dorë 

Sounds like: A curious mix of Lose You To Love Me, an X Factor contestant's mid-tempo ballad and Lana Del Rey's A&W trap breakdown (no, really).



Sounds like: A very hard to forget melody set to some refreshingly authentic production 


Electric Fields - One Mikali (One Blood)

Sounds like: A leftover from Kylie's DISCO record (complimentary)


Kaleen - We Will Rave

Sounds like: The spirit of Käärijä lives on (also - What Does The Fox Say meets The KLF in production terms)


FAHREE ft. Ilkin Dolatov - Özünlə Apar

Sounds like: Bond-esque strings


Mustii - Before The Party's Over

Sounds like: Dramatic, cinematic and undeniably theatrical 


Baby Lasagna - Rim Tim Tagi Dim

Sounds like: Another son of Käärijä (also, what is a Baby Lasagna pls?)


Silia Kapsis - Liar

Sounds like: Cyprus refuses to offer anything other than BANGERS

Czech Republic

Aiko - Pedestal

Sounds like: She's about to tell you good 4 u, hope you're happy and healthy etc. 


SABA - Sand

Sounds like: Another dramatic EDM semi-ballad, with a soaring chorus reminiscent of Ar Loreen


5miinust & Puuluup - (Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi

Sounds like: Exactly what you suppose a collaboration between an Estonian hip-hop group and an Estonian folk duo would sound like


Windows95man - No Rules!

Sounds like: Eurodance is so back baby!!!


Slimane - mon-amour

Sounds like: A Billie Eilish ballad...but in French? (Oui). 


Nutsa Buzaladze - Firefighter

Sounds like: Don't put out the fire!


Isaak - Always On The Run

Sounds like: Our James Newman entries from a few years ago, which went so well!


Marina Satti - ZARI

Sounds like: Charli XCX, but she knows what the inside of the Acropolis looks like


Hera Björk - Scared of Heights

Sounds like: No, not that Björk


Bambi Thug - Doomsday Blue

Sounds like: Robert Eggers' The VVitch, but in a musical way?


Eden Golan - Hurricane


Angelina Mango - La Noia

Sounds like: The Italian Rosalia is here!


Dons - Hollow

Sounds like: Hozier but, like, bald?


Sllvester Belt - Luktelk

Sounds like: Another 2024 entry that carries the influence of Käärijä


TALI - Fighter

Sounds like: Some very nice French lyricism mixed with a heart-swelling chorus 


Sarah Bonnici - Loop

Sounds like: THIS is a potential mother


Natalia Barbu - In The Middle

Sounds like: "Open your mind just like a door," whatever you say, queen!!


Joost Klein - Europapa

Sounds like: Someone needs to call Ms Biljana Electronica


Gäte - Ulveham

Sounds like: We're in Valhalla raving with Odin


LUNA - The Tower

Sounds like: A lot of entries this year are very happily leaning into more experimental electro-pop to great effect! (The Tower sounds like someone has combined Ellie Goulding and Little Boots' first records)


iolanda - Grito

Sounds like: We don't know what she's saying but, girl, we are crying!

San Marino

Megara - 11:11

Sounds like: Megara was always our favourite Hercules character, and now she's fronting a rock band!


Teya Dora - RAMONDA

Sounds like: Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey coming together


Raiven - Veronika

Sounds like: Another trend this year are dramatic ballads 


Nebulossa - ZORRA

Sounds like: What's Future Nostalgia in Spanish?


Marcus & Martinus - Unforgettable

Sounds like: Save us, Swedish twink trance anthem, save us


Nemo - The Code

Sounds like: A Swiss Girls Aloud track (it covers at least three different genres in under three minutes)


Aloyna Aloyna & Jerry Heil - Teresa & Maria

Sounds like: A tribute to all the divas, naturally

United Kingdom

Olly Alexander - Dizzy

Sounds like: Olly has not lost his knack for making hypnotic electronic pop music. Let's get dizzy!

What is the running order for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 semi-finals?

Here are the running order for the two Eurovision Song Contest 2024 semi-finals, taking place May 7 and May 9 respectively. Remember, the Big Five of France, Italy, Germany Spain and the UK (as well as host country Sweden) get immediate qualification into the Grand Final, so won't be competing here.

Semi Final 1 - Tuesday May 7

First Half

1. Cyprus (Silia Kapsis)

2. Serbia (TEYA DORA)

3. Lithuania (Silvester Belt)

4. Ireland (Bambie Thug)

5. Ukraine (Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil)

6. Poland (LUNA)

7. Croatia (Baby Lasagna)

Second Half

8. Iceland (Hera Bjork)

9. Slovenia (Raiven)

10. Finland (Windows95man)

11. Moldova (Natalia Barbu)

12. Azerbaijan (FAHREE ft. Ilkin Dolatov)

13. Australia (Electric Fields)

14. Portugal (Iolanda)

15. Luxembourg (Tali)

Semi Final 2 - Thursday May 9

First Half

1. Malta (Sarah Bonnici)

2.  Albania (Besa)

3. Greece (Marina Satti)

4. Switzerland (Nemo)

5. Czech Republic (Aiko)

6. Austria (Kaleen)

7. Denmark (SABA)

8. Armenia (LADANVIA)

Second Half

9. Latvia (Dons)

10. San Marino (Megara)

11. Georgia (Nutsa Buzaladze)

12. Belgium (Musti)

13. Estonia (5miinust & Puuluup)

14. Israel (Eden Golan)

15. Norway (Gate)

16. Netherlands (Joost Klein)

What is the running order for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final?

The Grand Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will take place on May 11 2024. This is the confirmed running order so far.

France (Slimane)

Germany (Isaak)

Italy (Angelina Mango)

Spain (Nebulossa)

Sweden (Marcus & Martinus)

UK (Olly Alexander)

What is the slogan for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

The slogan for Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will be United By Music. The same slogan that was used for the competition in Liverpool last year, it's now been announced that United By Music will be the standard slogan for all Eurovision Song Contests going forward. 

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