Sabrina Carpenter's Official Top 20 most-streamed songs in the UK

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If there's one thing we're all drinking in industrial quantities right now, it's that me Espresso. Sabrina Carpenter's caffeine-fuelled earworm has just notched up a third week at Number 1 and is now battling Billie Eilish's LUNCH for a fourth.

Espresso may be Sabrina's first ever Official Charts Number 1, but it's also a culmination of a steady, decade-long climb to the top.

The singer-actress from East Greenville, Pennsylvania dropped her folky debut single, Can't Blame a Girl for Trying, back in 2014 and has released new material prolifically ever since.

She scored her first Official Singles Chart entry with 2021's Skin, which peaked at Number 28, and her first Official Albums Chart entry with 2022's Emails I Can’t Send, which climbed to Number 78. The album's fourth single Nonsense became an all-time classic Sab-banger.

Earlier this year, she opened for Taylor Swift on the Australian and Asian legs of The Eras Tour – a sure sign that she's staked a central place on the pop landscape. So, it's about time we revealed Sabrina's Official Top 20 biggest singles ever in the UK.

First, though, here's a closer look at the Top 5. If you want to fetch yourself an espresso before digging in, well, who are we to judge? 

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5. Skin

Released: 2021
Official Singles Chart peak: Number 28
Total UK streams: 18 million

Sabrina made her Official Charts debut in February 2021 with this emotionally charged synth-pop ballad. Though internet sleuths reckon it's about a love triangle involving a...GUTS-y fellow pop star, Sabrina has always maintained that her source material was more general. "The song isn’t calling out one single person," she wrote on Instagram shortly after the song dropped. "Some lines address a specific situation, while other lines address plenty of other experiences I’ve had this past year." Sometimes life comes at you fast – and Sabrina pours all of it into her music.

4. Thumbs

Released: 2016
Official Singles Chart peak: N/A
Total UK chart units: 24 million

This soulful bop is about trying to break out of the routine and ever-repeating cycles of everyday life. "Don't just march to the beat of that drum," Sabrina urges on the bridge. It was released as the second single from her second album, 2016's Evolution, and has gone on to become one of her signature hits. In fact, according to, she's performed it live more than any other song in her catalogue.

3. Espresso

Released: 2024
Official Singles Chart peak: Number 1
Total UK chart units: 37 million

Having spent three weeks at the top of the Official Singles Chart, Sab's caffeinated banger is an early contender for song of the summer. Espresso isn't just a sun-kissed bop you'll want to blast by the pool, though. It's also a noble act of public service that will stop coffee novices from ever trying to order an "expresso" again. The song's many, many fans include Adele, who called it "my jam" during a recent live show (valid, queen!). It's also worth noting that if Espresso maintains its current level of streaming, it will become Sabrina's biggest song ever in the UK within a matter of weeks.

2. Feather

Released: 2023
Official Singles Chart peak: Number 19
Total UK chart units: 39 million

Feather isn't just Sab's first UK Top 20 hit, but also one of most enduring. To date, it's spent 16 non-consecutive weeks on the Official Singles Chart. It's easy to see why it's become a defining song for the 25-year-old: Feather's slinky, disco-tinged production is a perfect fit for her gloriously unbothered lyrics. "You fit every stereotype – 'send a pic'," she sings on the chorus, casually ending an ex who proved to be a "waste of time". Go on Sab, drag him!

1. Nonsense

Released: 2022
Official Singles Chart peak: Number 32
Total UK chart units: 44 million

This pop-R&B midtempo is the very definition of a stealth hit. It was released as the fourth single from Sabrina's fifth album, 2022's Emails I Can't Send, after picking up steam on TikTok. Then, it proved so popular that Sab dropped a sped-up version and a festive remix, A Nonsense Christmas. Sabrina has said it's a song that "shows my stupid sense of humour" because she and her co-writers incorporated some "nonsense" place-holder lyrics into its tongue-in-cheek outro, which she now improvises lyrics to at the end of every concert, tailoring them to whatever city she's in. It's unconventional, but it definitely works.

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