Mimi Webb talks learning to love her Mistakes (and working with Ryan Tedder)

The first single from Mimi Webb's new era, Mistake is a bold new sonic direction with production from Ryan Tedder.
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Mistake, the brand new single from British pop star Mimi Webb, is something of a surprising re-invention. 

The drum'n'bass influenced track is the first released by Mimi since her debut album, Amelia, launched last year, managing to peak at Number 4 on the Official Albums Chart, securing her breakthrough as one of the UK's fastest rising pop success stories.

Currently on tour with former UK Number 1 artist Benson Boone in the US, Mimi took time out of her busy schedule to talk about moving away from her title as the queen of heartbreak and linking up with one of the planet's biggest hitmakers, Ryan Tedder, as she starts a bold new era.

Mimi, you're back! Although it doesn't feel like you've been away that long...

Yes! This is a whole new era! I'm so excited to be back and back on the rollout. I've had a lot of what I call hibernation time - I've just been in the studio, writing all these new songs. It does feel like I've been waiting for something you want to share. I do look back and think...I could have enjoyed [the rest] more. I could have watched something on Netflix!

Mistake is the new single and it's very different to what you've done before - it's almost a drum'n'bass track

100%, this is very brand new to me - it's so fun to incorporate a new genre of music into what I'm doing. That kind of DnB, jungle vibe is where a lot of my fans are at, it's what they're listening to...I'm really excited to see who likes the song!

I saw a video on your socials of you playing the song to your brother, and you said you wrote it because you were tired of just making songs about heartbreak

Oh, definitely. And to be fair to my brother, [the heartbreak songs] are not the kind of stuff he or his friends would relate to. I think he can listen to Mistakes with his mates, this is for people who want to go and have a fun night out. If you like to live in the moment, you can relate to this song.

You have written a lot about heartbreak in the past, and we talked last time about being called the queen of the break-up bop - but it can be a box you're placed into as an artist

I think where I am in my life right now, I'm very focused on myself and my career. I'm living in the moment! I really wanted to write about it, and making mistakes is a part of being human! You need to be able to move forward and take responsibility [for your actions]. Don't be afraid to make risky decisions! You'll grow from it.

Who did you work on the song with?

Well, I did this with Ryan Tedder...


He is such a legend. I've been a fan of his for forever. I actually met him at a festival last summer. I was so nervous to go up to him, but my Mum told me to. I shook his hand and said, "I'm Mimi Webb and I'm a singer from the UK!" and then four months later, I got the call he wanted to work with me.

He's such a legend, and also knows so much about trends in pop music - you must have learnt a lot working with him

Oh, massively. He is so on top of everything that's going on in the music world. He really studies it. He knows how to make a great song!

It is such a new sound for you too

Honestly, I was freaking out a bit because it is so different. But Ryan loved it, my manager loved it, the label loved it...when it came to [which of the new material] we were going to drop first, we thought...let's just go with it! I know it's a big song, a huge banger. 

You have to believe in yourself and the song, at the end of the day

Exactly! I think I'm ready for it. I believe in it, I want to push it. It's a new genre, but it still sounds like Mimi!

You're also currently on tour with Benson Boone, whose done quite well in the UK with Beautiful Things...

He is literally the best. He is such a sweetheart, honestly. It's just nice to be on tour with a lovely artist. We are having such a good time. Benson is an amazing singer too, he is a real singer. 

Personally, I think a Mimi Webb and Benson Boone duet is now an absolute must...

Oh my god. I would love that. It would be amazing. Actually, a lot of people have asked us [about a duet]. He has just released his album but...I would love it. It would be incredible.

Mistake is out now via Sony.

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