Lauren Spencer Smith on her 'unexpected' debut album, Christmas record and wanting a Camila Cabello collab

It might only be June, but Lauren's also revealed a Christmas record is on the way...

Earlier this year we introduced you to rising star Lauren Spencer-Smith, as her viral single Finger's Crossed began transcending TikTok and impacting the masses. Since then, the track's amassed over 37 million streams in the UK alone; with follow-up Flowers proving hugely successful, too.

As Lauren prepares to play her headline show at London's Lafayette next week, we catch up with the 18-year-old British-born Canadian (she was born in Portsmouth, fact fans) to talk her 'unexpected' debut album, how a Christmas record is on the cards and her dreams of collaborating with Camila Cabello.

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Thanks for taking the time to chat to us, Lauren. You must be one of pop's busiest women right now...

I feel like I never get a break. I work every day, but it’s so fun. When I have a day off now, I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m so used to always being busy, I love being busy. I think ‘I need to be working, writing, doing anything.’

Fingers Crossed did big things here in the UK. Did that make you nervous to release the follow-up, Flowers?

There’s a little part of me that gets stressed. It was a little scary, but at the same time I wrote Fingers Crossed so I know what I’m capable of and know the songs that people like. But it’s crazy, my fanbase in the UK is huge and I love that.

What does the rest of 2022 look like for you? Is it all mapped out?

We have an album coming out this year. 14 songs, lots of music. At least half of the album is mid-to-up-tempo, surprisingly.

We’re definitely having a Tate McRae She’s All I Wanna Be moment. We’re having an Olivia Rodrigo good 4 u moment. Those moments are a little unexpected for people. We’ll still have that sadder Flowers and Fingers Crossed energy, but we’ve incorporated the fun, upbeat ‘I’m angry’ and ‘I’m in love,’ moments. Then the slow, depressing songs that we’re all going to cry to. Oh, and I've been writing a Christmas album.

Ooh. It may be June, but tell us more...

With my Christmas album, the concepts are going to be very sad. I grew up with divorced parents, and every time the middle of November hit I’d already be stressed. I’d worry about whose house I’d be going to, we grew up with no money so I wouldn’t be getting presents. The whole situation was just so stressful. The more people I talk to, they more are like ‘that’s how my Christmas was, too.’

We’re all acting like Christmas is the best time of the year, but it’s not. We have a song called Broke Christmas. It’s about being broke, not being able to afford to buy people gifts. It’s like ‘don’t send me a wish list,’ it’s very comedic and fun.

Then we have 365 which covers the concept of having someone pass away around Christmas. Then there’s another called Single on the 25th. All concepts that nobody talks about at Christmas. Depression is always spiking over the holidays, and I just feel people need someone to come out and say ‘I’m done with the bells and whistles, this is what Christmas was actually like for me.’

Listen to Lauren Spencer-Smith's Flowers below:

When can we expect to hear more tracks from your debut album, then?

For my upcoming shows I’m definitely performing some unreleased songs.

Do you have a favourite from the upcoming record?

Honestly, I love all of my new songs for different reasons. It depends what I’m feeling most emotionally connected to in that moment. I have one song called Fantasy which I’m really obsessed with. It’s a ‘f**k you’ song and it’s very Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish vibes. I love it because I have my sassy moment. Then there’s a song called Hey which is more of a guitar vibe. I’ve teased Narcissist on TikTok, too. I’m obsessed with that. I’m excited to get everything I’ve worked on over the last eight months out there.

We can't wait to hear them. Would you ever consider writing for other artists, too?

I’d totally do that. I love writing songs in general. I feel like I have to focus on my album before I work on concepts for other people. I’d love to write for Camila Cabello and collaborate with Julia Michaels.

Lauren Spencer-Smith's Flowers is out now.

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Half Giant- Ethan


I'm quite looking forward to the record, but I must say that she seems to be comparing her songs to a lot of other famous songs out there (ie. good 4 u, shes all i wanna be, happier than ever). It makes me feel like the record will be painfully generic (which I kind of already anticipated) but I don't think she should be trying to go for the feels of those songs, just for her own style. Otherwise it becomes the sort of thing everyone expects anyway.




keep it




we dont want it