J-Hope becomes first BTS member to sink solo UK Top 40 entry with On The Street with J Cole

The K-pop phenomenon is currently on a hiatus, but one of its members is on the way to a breakout solo moment.

BTS member J-Hope has just become the first member of the K-Pop supergroup to achieve a solo entry in the Official Singles Chart Top 40. 

J-Hope (real name Jung Ho-seok) reaches the impressive achievement with his newest single On The Street, a collaboration with the American rapper J Cole (who gains his ninth Top 40 career entry in the process today).

A lo-fi hip-hop song, On The Street serves as an ode to J-Hope's love for both the genre of hip-hop and street dance, taking him away from the pop idol status and back to his roots, back to (literally) on the street.

On The Street serves as J-Hope's first solo single of 2023, he previously released two standalone singles, More and Arson, in 2022 and has also collaborated with US-Latin pop princess Becky G and South Korean rapper Crush in other material. His debut solo album, Jack in the Box, was issued in 2022 and reached Number 67 on the UK's Official Albums Chart.

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J-Hope is a member of BTS alongside Jin, Suga, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Together the boyband have so far claimed four UK Top 10 singles as a unit; Dynamite (Number 3), Life Goes On (Number 10), Butter (Number 3) and My Universe with Coldplay (Number 3).

The seven-piece have also scored two UK Number 1 albums; 2019's Map of the Soul - Persona and 2020's Map of the Soul - 7. Read more about BTS's second Number 1 album here.

Since last year, BTS has been on hiatus, thanks in large part to its members' commitments to mandatory military enlistment back in their homeland of South Korean. Under South Korean law, all able-bodied males must complete between 18 and 21 months of military service, usually by 28. Only one member, Jin, is currently in active service and there are plans for the group to reunite in 2025, after all their enlistments have been completed.

As far as the solo careers of the other members go, they have all committed to solo releases. So far, though, only three others have managed to chart within the wider Official Singles Chart Top 100; Jungkook's Stay Alive (89), Jin's The Astronaut (61) and RM's Indigo (45).

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I'm glad to see "on the street" doing so well on the UK charts! My favorite thing about the collab other than the meaningful lyrics by both j-hope (his lyrics are filled with references ARMY would know) and J. Cole and the symbolism throughout the mv is that true hip hop fans are discovering j-hope and BTS. I was once close-minded and was under the incorrect impression that their music was for only young teens (anyways that shouldn't be an issue considering that young teens were the ones who loved The Beatles first) and the majority of their lyrics are in a language I don't understand. I've come to really enjoy BTS' music, their solo stuff, and I tend to prefer j-hope's solo music the most. Hope World has great vibes (sad lyrics though once you come to understand them) and Jack in the Box is killer. I went to Lolla to see him and it was incredible! Best performer for real.

I think it's fascinating that literal translations (like the lyrics on Genius) are not always enough to understand the meaning of BTS lyrics. The main lyricists of the group: j-hope, SUGA and leader RM add a lot of cultural references, literary references, and wordplay. j-hope is an abstract lyricist, for example, and unless you're a native speaker you might not pick up on his masterful lyrics and rhyming schemes. BTS ARMY translators like the website doolset are great at adding helpful notes. I can see why there's a whole BTS ARMY community. Fans needed to rely on each other especially in the early days to understand the non-subtitled videos.

I like to see all of the members doing well. I miss Jin and j-hope will be missed while they complete their service to their country but they've left us some really great gems to comfort us.


Angry UK Chart Fan


Meh. Fillery hip-hop nonsense.

Charlie Puth and Jung Kook's 'Left And Right' was more deserving of Top 40. Criminally underperformed and understreamed in the UK. The FIFA track 'Dreamers' too.




Jelly? JK is super nice and supportive and he would be disappointed by your comment.




This particular hip hop song is poetic with deep and sincere meaning - talking about their careers, motivations and futures Much of j-hope and J. Cole’s own solo work is. Check out some actual reviews and analysis of song. You don’t have to like hip hop but the songs isn’t “nonsense.”