How Claire Richards plans to win over Celine Dion at British Summer Time Hyde Park

Celine could be in for a treat at her London concert on July 5.

Claire Richards is gearing up to support Celine Dion at her massive Hyde Park show this week (July 5), and she has a plan to win Celine over by making the music icon her favourite British desert - a sticky toffee pudding.

“[I plan to] just sit outside her dressing room door for two days," Claire told us in our new podcast Official Charts: Take The Hit, adding: "Do you know what I am going to do? I’m going to make a sticky toffee pudding...

"I went to see her [live] the year before last and she talked about sticky toffee pudding for about 20 minutes in between songs. I’ve [had] a few months to perfect my recipe!" Listen to the full episode below (she talks about Celine around the 25m 30s mark) 

Claire was a guest on series 1 of Official Charts: Take The Hit, which sees big names in the music world face random questions themed around the UK's best-selling singles of all time.

When Celine's 1994 chart-topper Think Twice came up, it gave us a chance to ask Claire about the gig and her strategy to meet Celine. Watch Celine profess her love for sticky toffee pudding below: 

Listen to the full episode below, and make sure to follow us on Spotify, Apple and Acast to hear any future episodes first.

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Article image: Shutterstock (Celine)