First Listen: Yungblud channels the pop-punk greats and throws himself one final party in The Funeral

You can't fault his forward planning.

Say what you want about Yungblud, but he seems to be planning for the future on his new single, The Funeral. 

The first taste of Dominic Harrison's third studio album (and his first solo material since last year's Fleabag), The Funeral takes its cues from the pop-punk greats that came before. It's a messy, noisy ruckus of a single. Settling between the precise points of euphoria and anger necessary to actually throw your own wake. 

"I've been dancing at my funeral," goes the full-pelt pop chorus of the track. "But nobody came, what a shame shame shame..." The song was co-written and produced by Yungblud himself, along with Jordan Brasco Gable and Jake Torey and producer Chris Greatti  (Grimes, Poppy, Slayyyter). It's a song about raging against the world (and yourself) as the end times approach.

Weirdly, it's also about learning to love yourself...before it's too late. "My hair fell out because I dyed it cheap...I want a real fake smile but I hate my teeth," Yungblud rattles along in the second verse, when really, the song is held together by this mantra: "I love myself but that's alright. I hate myself, but that's alright." 

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Of course, it's initial influences are clear to see; whether they be the heavy-rock guitars which remind you of Fall Out Boy (Sugar We're Going Down and I Don't Care specifically) or Black Parade-era My Chemical Romance, we also hear the tight, pop melodies that harken back to Miley Cyrus' underrated Plastic Hearts album, or indeed Avril Lavigne's latest return to form, Love Sux. 

After last year's rock revival on the Official Charts lead by the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Willow Smith and Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud continues on the streak he's followed since his first album in 2018 and his second record Weird! which became his first-ever UK Number 1 album in 2020.

It's also important to note that this isn't trend-chasing, it's instead the culture catching up to Yungblud and the influences he's pulled from ever since the first release. Pop music is ultimately a cyclical beast, and you have to be patient, because if you wait long enough, everything comes back around in the end. 

The Funeral wants to start a party. The best party. The biggest party. The final party. And it just might do that - riding the crest of a sonic wave that shows no signs of slowing down. Yungblud might be planning his own funeral, but we hope he isn't done just yet.

Images: Tom Pallant

Funeral drops this Friday (March 11). 

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