Eurovision Exclusive: Käärijä supports Mae Muller and says "people don't understand good music!"

As he tracks for a Top 10 debut with 'party metal' anthem Cha Cha Cha, we catch up with Eurovision's Käärijä

Following his show-stopping performance at last weekend's Eurovision Song Contest grand final in Liverpool, it's safe to say the UK's fallen a little bit in love with Finland's Käärijä.

His brilliantly-bonkers, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink anthem Cha Cha Cha is currently tracking to debut in the UK Top 10 this week after he claimed second place at the 2023 contest; alongside fellow contestants Loreen and Mae Muller.

Now, with Käärijä back on home soil ahead of a sold-out headline Helsinki show this weekend, we chat to the star about his post-final celebrations, what the rest of 2023 holds and how our Mae was robbed.

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Käärijä! You absolutely smashed it at the Eurovision final. How are you feeling?

Right now, I feel great. I’m so tired, but I’ll take second place and send my congratulations to Loreen.

I did want to win, but I saw the people in the arena screaming my song, I can’t believe that.

I have to be proud and try to remember that. I just have to say thank you everyone – the Käärijä family – who give me all the best and all the good times. I’m so happy.

How did you celebrate after the show was over?

A little bit of champagne, you know? I hung out with my friends and family. The Eurovision trip was so long, after it all I wanted was to hang out with my friends and family.

How was your welcome back home in Finland - your country must be so proud?

When I walked through the airport door, so many people were waiting for me. Everyone had crazy green things on, saying my name and singing my song! I [wasn’t expecting] anything like that, I was just expecting my family; my mother saying ‘Käärijä, I’m here – let’s go home!’

Wow, thanks to all the support from the Finnish people. Maybe I did something great?

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You have a huge homecoming show this weekend, too...

It’s sold out, I’m so excited! This is a big thing for me, there are maybe two or three thousand people coming who’ve paid for a ticket. We have some surprises for people, too!

Please tell us you'll come back to the UK soon, too?

It’s nice to hear that you want me to come back, I appreciate that! I hope so. When I get time to come back and do some crazy things, we might have to do a Käärijä concert or club show. Right now, the days are so full, but I hope some day this year or next I can come back.

Cha Cha Cha has seen a near-700% increase in video creations on TikTok since the final, that's quite the stat...

I’m just a normal guy who wants to make music and make people happy. Now Käärijä’s going viral on TikTok – I’m so happy! People globally are listening to Cha Cha Cha, I don’t know what’s happened. I have to say thank you, I don’t have any words! I’m so proud.

Your Eurovision pal Mae Muller - our UK representative - didn't place as well as expected in the contest. Do you have a message for her?

When I saw [Mae’s] placing, I just thought ‘what the f**k happened?’. I have to say, the song is great. It’s a hit song. I wasn’t expecting that placing. I want to say that people don’t understand good music. Of course, right now, people are listening to and love that song. It’s doing great things.

That’s Eurovision. Sometimes some people lose, some win. It doesn’t matter. She’s so cute, so lovely, and I hope I’ll see her again. All the best to her!

Käärijä's Cha Cha Cha is out now via Warner Music.

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Andrew Brown


Im so pleased for Kaarija. His song has been top of my playlist for 10 weeks. I hope he places well this weekend in the UK charts and beyond