Ed Sheeran to release Perfect remix with a featured artist

"I'm just basically going to 'Despacito' Perfect."

The fastest-selling album ever by a male solo artist. Check. Nine songs in the Official Singles Chart Top 10 in the same week. Check. Christmas Number 1... well that could be next.

Ed Sheeran's latest single Perfect recently returned to the Official Chart Top 10 following its Number 4 debut during that infamous week in March. It has sat at Number 6 for the past three weeks, but could rise on this week's chart

With a performance on The X Factor semi-final set for this weekend, and more to come judging by Ed's Instagram post, it looks like Ed has the coveted Chrimbo chart topper in his sights. But TV slots and a Christmas-themed video are not the only tricks up Ed's sleeve.

An official remix of Perfect is dropping next Friday (December 1), and will excitingly feature a "f***ing big" collaborator.

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Speaking with Channel 4 Radio in the United Arab Emirates, Ed dropped the duet bombshell: "I've got something dropping next Friday. It's a really f***ing big deal. And I'll drop who I'm doing it with next Thursday."

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When asked what the vibe to the song was, Ed replied: "The vibe is that it's a remix to Perfect. I'm just basically going to 'Despacito' Perfect." Using Despacito as a verb, we're into it. Listen to Ed talk with Channel 4 Radio by clicking here.

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Image: Rex/Shutterstock