Benson Boone: Everything you need to know about the Beautiful Things singer and TikTok star

Meet the TikTok sensation set for big things this year
Benson Boone

If you've so much as opened a social media app lately, you can't have failed to have heard the voice of Benson Boone.

With over 4 million TikTok followers to his name, Benson's a name you'll be hearing a lot of in 2024. After making his Official Singles Chart Top 40 debut with In The Stars in 2022, the Washington-born singer-songwriter's already won over the likes of Katy Perry and Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds with his refreshingly-vulnerable lyricism and soaring vocals.

So, as he claims his first-ever Top 5 single with viral smash Beautiful Things, we thought it about time we introduced you to Benson Boone; from his American Idol beginnings to social media superstardom.

Benson Boone

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Who is Benson Boone?

Benson Boone is a rising singer-songwriter currently enjoying Official Singles Chart success with latest track Beautiful Things.

How old is Benson Boone?

Benson Boone is 21 years old, born June 25 2002.

Where is Benson Boone from?

Benson was born and raised in Monroe, Washington, United States.

Benson Boone

Wait, was Benson Boone on American Idol?

He was indeed. In 2021, Benson auditioned for American Idol series 19, making the show's Top 24 contestants.

On his time on the show, Benson told Young Post: "I was going to college, and I wasn’t thinking of music as a full-time career, but I was posting videos on social media of me singing. [American Idol] saw my videos and asked me to be on the show."

What did Katy Perry say about Benson Boone on American Idol?

Heaping praise on the singer following his first audition, Katy told Benson: "I see you winning American Idol if you want."

Why did Benson Boone leave American Idol?

Explaining his decision to quit the show, Benson told Young Post: "Everybody on the show wanted to [make] music; they had been waiting for this moment their whole lives. And I did not feel that way,” Boone shared. “I didn’t want to get locked into something I was unsure about."

"So I stepped away from the show to see if I wanted to write music and try my stuff. And I did! It went really well, so I kept going that way."

What is Benson Boone's TikTok username?

Benson can be found @bensonboone.

What is Benson Boone's Instagram handle?

Benson's Instagram is @bensonboone.

WATCH Benson Boone's Beautiful Things music video below:

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What is Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds relation to Benson Boone?

Benson is signed to Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds' record label, Night Street Records; a subsidiary of Warner Records.

Explaining that he caught the attention of Dan via social media, Benson told ABC Audio: "He reached out to me, just over Instagram, and said he loves my vibe and my voice, and he would love to work with me.

"I had never written any of my own music, so I flew out to Vegas for like three days to work with him."

He continued: "At the end of that, he said he really liked working with me and he really liked my personality, and so I literally packed up and moved to Vegas the next day. It was crazy! But yeah, he, like, has been my mentor through all of this."

What is Benson Boone's biggest song in the UK?

Benson's biggest track to date in the UK is In The Stars, with 65.5 million combined UK audio and video streams to its name so far.

What is Benson Boone's highest UK chart position?

Benson's single Beautiful Things became his first-ever Top 20 single in January 2024, peaking at Number 16. The track's since gone on to reach the Top 5, boasting a Number 3 peak so far.

When is Benson Boone's album released?

While there's no news as to when Benson's debut album will be released just yet, we'll be sure to update you once an LP's announced.

Images: Night Street Records.

Benson Boone's Beautiful Things is out now via Night Street Records.

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