Todrick Hall returns with Dance Forever: First Listen

Todrick's back with a delicious slice of '80s synth-pop

When you've spent the best part of two years slobbed out on the sofa, the concept of clubbing can start to feel a little foreign. There was a time we truly thought we'd never step foot on a dancefloor again. What a dark time that was.

But, if anybody's going to thrust us firmly back into life as we knew it, it's Todrick Hall. With no time left to waste, he's here to serve a much-needed slice of serotonin with new single Dance Forever.

'Let me teach you, what they'll never teach in school,' asks Todrick. 'When the cool kids grow up they're never cool.' From the off, Dance Forever establishes itself as a song for the outcast; the kid who feels they don't fit in. But Dance Forever isn't a song of self-pity; rather a statement of acceptance and embracing individuality.

'When the bass starts beating like an earthquake, and the sweat starts pouring like you're in the rain,' Todrick sings over synths that could easily be lifted from an '80s, straight-to-VHS movie soundtrack (and we genuinely mean that as the highest compliment).

Wherever you are, you're immediately transported to a glittering Miami disco. This is the ultimate escapist bop, taking you straight to your safe space. For 3 minutes and 46 seconds, nothing else matters.

'One heart, love who you wanna. Dance forever, tonight...'

And while Dance Forever's reference points are obvious, the track manages to remain totally original in the current pop landscape. It's Paula Abdul meets Prince, but with Todrick's unique flourishes.

The track was co-written by Todrick and produced by Jeeve, who's previously worked with the 'Father of Disco' Giorgio Moroder and collaborated with Todrick on his last album, Femuline.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to strut round the living room...

Dance Forever is released April 15.

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