The Official Chart to move to Fridays from summer 2015

Greg James will count down the Top 40 songs on the Official Chart Show every Friday.

The UK’s Official Chart will move to a new Friday slot later this summer, the Official Charts Company can confirm.

The move to the new day means that BBC Radio 1 will also be moving the Official Chart show and will retain its role as the home of the UK’s Official Singles Chart, with Greg James unveiling the week’s Official Top 40 singles between 4pm and 6pm every Friday. The full singles and albums Top 100 will continue to be published on at 6pm.

The move will coincide with a shift by the global music industry to a new synchronised music release day of Friday, also starting this summer. The UK charts will incorporate sales and streams across seven days, from 00.01 on Friday through to midnight on Thursday evening – compiled overnight and delivered to the nation every Friday afternoon.

Official Charts Company chief executive Martin Talbot says, “This is an exciting new era for the Official Singles Chart – following the integration of streams, with the move to a new, more high profile slot.

BBC Radio 1 has been the home of the UK’s Official Singles Chart for more than 40 years and we are delighted that they are as excited about future plans for the chart as we are.

The news comes as CBBC announce the launch of their new Official Chart Show, which will count down the Top 10 songs of each week alongside Radio 1. Click here to see the full story.


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Here's what I don't understand. According to the Telegraph, Greg James, who will announce the new chart each Friday, said: “The Chart must feel like it’s providing news, not just confirmation of something the listeners already knew." But under the new system the chart will be revealed 7 and three quarters days after new songs are released rather than the current 6 and a three quarters - so that quote makes no sense. Am I missing something?


Dave Brown


stupid and pointless idea. the chary should be based on sales anyway and not streams so this gets moved to Fridays due to some stupid idea involving streaming. what a load of rubbish. hopefully the new idea will sink like the titanic and they will move back to a time when more than just 7 year olds can listen.


Mark Ford


I agree that Saturday morning would be more suitable as potentially more people would be able to listen. I used to listen to the chart show on Sundays every week until the mid-late 00s when there started to be more inane irrelevant chatter incorporated. I much preferred it to reflect what was being bought at the time, even if it wasn't my taste. With the introduction of new methology the chart has stabilised to reflect popularity rather than marketed sales as it had become. A chart show from say 10am to 1pm could countdown the top 40 singles incorporate a more comprehensive album chart rundown (Top 5 last time, what's the point in that??) and feature major new releases for the following weeks chart and some album tracks. Make it fast, make it slick, make it exciting, cut out the waffle and make it interesting. So come on BBC, promote it and don't relegate it to a time when people can't listen otherwise I fear it will go the same way as Top of the Pops


Karl Macnaughton


This is going to soooooo badly; reduced to a feature in someone else's show, basically. Why do Radio 1 want to miss out all the songs that don't suit their playlist? Why play the same songs they play all day under the pretence that it's the chart show?
The Official Chart is a national institution. If Radio 1 can't treat it with respect maybe it's time to give it to Radio 2! A chart show isn't a chart show if you don't play all the songs :-/


Sunshine Boy


It didn't play all the songs till 1990 anyway, and not all of them in full till 1992. It's essentially reverting to the same format it had in 1988-89,


Karl Macnaughton


It's really not, there we're just a few missed out then, all of them between 31 and 40 and all of them the ones going down. This is going to be prejudiced song selection based on Radio 1's narrow range of playlist acceptability with loads missed out like when Wes wrecked the show completely (albeit thankfully briefly!) in the 00s. Grim :-/


Karl Macnaughton


That's when I started listening and they used to just miss out everything that was going down below number 30. This is going to be the top twenty and a couple of other tracks squeezed into an hour and a quarter. Sounds just awful :-/ Sounds like the complete disaster that was Wes all over again! Hopefully it won't last.




Clearly this has not been though through enough, a) people are still at work at 4 to 6, and b) the kids are coming home from school/college around 4pm, listening figures will drop, ideally Saturday morning, or Friday evening 6 to 8pm




mm see along with the move Radio 1 will be knocking a whole hour off the chart!!! So no full run down & playing of all the new 40 singles! On another point if the #1 announced on the last Sunday chart is knocked from the top on the following Friday won't it be the shortest time a single has ever spent at #1 in chart history!


Gwyn Dawn Trespass


There is so little relevance to a chart that only reflects the miniscule legitimate sales that this is an irrelevance, nothing more. Id have more to complain about back in the 80s if it happened then with a mW r1 and youngsters not catered for.


Jesús Arellano


The only day I can hear the Official Charts it's on Sundays and now it will be moved to Fridays, I don't like that :(