Rixton review June’s big single releases: Fifth Harmony and Rudimental, more

Adam Lambert, Rudimental, Fifth Harmony, more.

It’s not been a bad old year for Rixton. Their debut single Me And My Broken Heart went straight to Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart last July and since then the group have supported Ariana Grande on her The Honeymoon Tour, played Wembley Arena, Madison Square Garden and written and recorded their debut album Let The Road – out in the UK on June 15.

With new single We All Want The Same Thing – in which Jake credits his impressive vocal range to "tight pants" and "watching a lot of Prince videos" – out next week, we asked the boys to size up their competition.

Natalie La Rose – Somebody FT Jeremih (released May 31)

What do you make of the overall song?

Danny: "It’s massive in America"
Jake: "This is huge in America! It’s throwing it back. I love it and I think it’s relatable."

Is this the sort of song you’d dance to 'in da club'?

All: "Absolutely!"
Lewi: "We’d be getting our grind on round our handbags."

What do you think of the nod to Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody and LMFAO’s Shots?

Charlie: "Oh is that what it is? Amazing!"
Lewi: "Clever."
Charlie: "Yeh, really clever, just like when Ludacris, Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih and Cashmere Cat did that Party Girls song (Party Girls interpolates Aqua’s Barbie Girl)."

Chart prediction?

Danny: "It’s gonna be huge."
Jake: "Yeh, this will be Top 5."

Adam Lambert – Ghost Town (released June 7)

What do you make of the overall song?

Jake: "I don’t like it. It’s got a weird vibe. The beginning bit is lovely, then it goes off and it sounds nothing like him, [The beat drops] where you off to Adam? Come back!"

What do you think the song is about?

Charlie: "It’s about ghost towns."
Jake: "He mentions Hollywood and James Dean and Elvis Presley - he’s pretty much saying Hollywood is dead. He had hope and a big dream and now it’s just a ghost town."

Chart prediction?

Charlie: "It’s a massive EDM song and they’re big right now, aren’t they? Top 10 definitely."
Lewi: "Yeh, Top 10."

Fifth Harmony – Worth It (released June 21)

What do you make of the overall song?

Charlie: "It’s Jason Derulo isn’t it?"
Jake: "Derulo rip."
Danny: "It actually is a Derulo rip. I think it’s got a great groove though."
Charlie: "It has got a great groove."
Lewi: "But it’s very Derulo."
Charlie: "A big summer song. Anything with a trumpet in it is a big summer song."

Are you guys 'worth it'?

Danny: "Always."
Jake: "Not really."
Lewi: "Worth what?"
Charlie: "Not money!"

Chart prediction?

Jake: "They’re no Little Mix, so Top 20."
All: "Top 20!"

Rudimental – Never Let You Go (released June 14)

What do you make of the overall song?

Charlie: "Oh here we go, I like these! It’s actually a tune."
Jake: "They’ve stuck to their original formula of the nice little Rudimental chilled out vibe and then all of a sudden… [beatboxes]."
Lewi: "There’s a whole minute of build-up though. If I was putting this on, I’d have turned over by now."
Charlie: "You’ve got to be in the right frame of mind. It’s ambient."
Jake: "Ah I love it. Picture yourself, sat in the garden, BBQ’s on, sun going down."

Rudimental are festival staples; what are your Top 3 festival essentials?

Charlie: "I haven’t been to a festival since I was a kid!"
Jake: "Wet wipes."
Charlie: "Or a classic welly, that’s always good."
Jake: "And water... stay hydrated kids."

Chart prediction?

Danny: "Top 5."
Jake: "Top 5."
Lewi: "Top 5."
Charlie: "Nah, Top 3 I’d say."

Ne-Yo – She Knows FT Juicy J (released June 7)

What do you make of the overall song?

Jake: "I like it, I’m into Juicy J."
Danny: "It’s quite angry."
Lewi: "It’s angry and sexual, 'Baby he’s horny'."
Charlie: [Laughs] "It’s weird. I think the producer fell on the key that makes that noise a few too many times!"

Ne-Yo’s had some absolute classics, what’s your favourite Ne-Yo track?

Jake: "Closer."
Danny: "It’s Closer for me as well, or Let Me Love You."
Charlie: "What about love So Sick?"
Danny: "So Sick is the best song ever."

Chart predictions?

Lewi: "It’ll chart high - Top 10."
Charlie: "Top 10 - it’s a good song."

Rixton’s We All Want The Same Thing is out on June 7.


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