Ones To Watch: New Rules Go The Distance on irresistible new single

Funnily enough, not inspired by the Disney film Hercules.

English-Irish pop band New Rules are really ready to Go The Distance (see what we did there?) on their brand-new single. 

No, the song is not inspired by the emotional ballad from the Disney film Hercules and no, the band themselves do not take their name from Dua Lipa's Number 1 single (if you were going to name yourself after a Dua song, you'd go with Hotter Than Hell).

Instead, what we have with Go The Distance is an irresistible slice of of slick electro-pop. As much inspired as early-career The 1975 as it is the influential Drive soundtrack from 2011. Basically, it's very good and shows how seriously New Rules are taking this, since signing to Elektra Records (Parlophone in the UK) late last year.

We jumped on a call with New Rules - aka Ryan Meaney, Alec McGarry and Nathan Lambert - to discuss the release of the new single and what's next. Listen to Go The Distance below.

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Hi boys! Congrats on the new single. It's very good, but I have to say was I a little disappointed it wasn't a cover from Hercules? Maybe. 

Ryan: That might still happen! You never know. We were talking about faking the fans out and dropping the Hercules song instead. 

You would obviously need to recreate the scene from the film then. Togas and all. 

Ryan: We watched the film! We watched it quite recently for the first time since we were kids. 

Alec: It was actually my first ever time...I get away with it because I'm the youngest. And it is a fantastic song. 

Not to take away from your song, however, which is equally fantastic. How did it come about?

Nathan: How long...have we had this? About a year. We wrote it with some friends of ours at our house. The studios were still shut. [Go The Distance] came about in a day. We felt really good about it. We still feel really good aout it! 

Ryan: When we wrote it, I think we all knew we were going to release it, we just had to gear up towards it. 

It is - technical term- the big one. The song does a really good job of blending some 80s synth production with an indie-rock sensibility. Is that what you were aiming for?

Ryan: Really glad you like it! We actually wrote it with Kieran [Shudall] from Circa Waves. We're big Circa Waves fans, so it was nice to hang out with him. 

What are you going to do to celebrate the release of Go The Distance?

Nathan: We're going to go and play some more, I think we might do a bit of busking, go and play different cities around the UK and hopefully further afield. Just get out and there and play for everyone, and get in everyone's faces. 

Alec: We're going to keep the music coming. Go The Distance is the first part of a bigger thing that we're really excited for everyone to hear.

Go The Distance is out now via Parlophone. 

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