Fergie reveals how her Double Dutchess album was like therapy: 'I haven't just been shaded, I have felt the torture'

The superstar reveals how recording her latest album Double Dutchess became her outlet during a turbulent two years.

In September this year, Fergie finally (finally!) got around to releasing Double Dutchess, the follow-up to her world-conquering debut The Dutchess. 

Fans were rewarded for the extended wait with not just an album, but a visual experience - every track on the album was accompanied by a music video. 

Following her recent performance on The X Factor of the record's latest spin-off Save It Till Morning, we caught up with the star to find out what took her so long...

Hello Fergie! What's the most 'London' thing you've done since you arrived here? 

"I’ve been doing some really bad British accents. Oh, and I had high tea today! I didn’t know what I was doing, it was hilarious. We had scones. Scones darling."

Excellent. We've recently learnt that your family has its own wine, called Ferguson Crest. Are you a red, white or rose person? 

"We do! It's my mum and dad's, which I helped set up. I'm a white wine kinda gal, always."

So, we've all had three months to live with Double Dutchess now...

"Have we? To tell you the truth I can't remember when it came out. That's terrible, isn't it?! I was just so happy to finally release it. I'll believe you." 

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Congratulations on pulling off what became a very ambitious project. It's fair to say it took you a little longer to finish than you expected, right?

"I mean, two years ago, after L.A Love, I was booking in shows because I thought the album was basically done."

So what happened exactly?

“They weren’t so much delays as things just weren’t finished. I was constantly working, I’m a mum so I had less time in the studio. Then I’m rehearsing for shows, travelling… time just ran out. It was very start-stop.”

Were you not tempted to chuck out whatever you had finished after the success of L.A Love?

“It just wasn’t done! I’m not going to serve a half-cooked turkey. People might hate it or love it, but I needed to feel good about it, and I feel great about it now.”

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There are a lot of emotional and deeply personal songs on the album about heartbreak, like your new single Save It Till Morning. Do you find those sorts of songs difficult to perform?

“Yeah! Love Is Pain is pretty much… if I have a lyric like that, I haven’t just been a little bit shaded, I have felt the torture. We all have our moments of tragedy and travesty in our world of emotions of whatever we’re going through, but sometimes in the heat of whatever emotion you’re feeling… when I was in the moments in my life, when I feel the most hurt or tormented, I have to get it out. It’s really unhealthy to keep it in.

"I have a great therapist, but there’s another thing with lyrics where you can write whatever you want, freely, without fear of judgement or repercussion. I also like expressing different emotions through my voice, with its different textures, and more recently with the visuals. I had all these tools to release my feelings, and here they are." 

What’s the most underrated Fergie song?

“L.A Love, which I think was actually a hit here? I wish I’d come over here to promote it more. I had so many demands to finish the damn album, plus other things were going on. The UK was ahead of the game on that one.”

Not A Little Party Never Killed Nobody?

“You know what, that always goes down well live, so you’re validated on that one.”

What would your parents have chosen as your career?

“Probably this! It meant my mum could retire and build a vineyard for my dad. I don’t think there any complaints!”

When was the last time you said no to something in your career?

“Oh, probably three days ago. I have a kid now, so I don’t play. I do as much as I possibly can now. I don’t use having a child as an excuse, but there’s only so much I can do. It’s usually the me time I end up sacrificing. I’m in the middle of promoting of my first solo album in 11 years, so it’s especially hectic at the moment.”

What song would you like played at your funeral?

“Oh man, I’m just trying to schedule next week.”

Glamourous would be fitting, no?

“I don’t know. I’d just want everyone to have a good time!” 

Fergie's latest single Save It Till Morning and album Double Dutchess are out now.