Eurovision 2023: UK entry, Liverpool final tickets and prices, hosts, all competing countries and more

Everything you need to know about the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 from confirmed acts to when the Grand Final takes place.

It's really happening!

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is coming - this year live from Liverpool, following the decision that the BBC would air the competition, since 2022 winners Ukraine couldn't. 

Here's literally everything you need to know about what to expect.

Who is representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023?

Mae Muller will represent the UK at Eurovision 2023 with I Wrote A Song. Find out more about Mae here.

When does the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 take place?

The Eurovision Song Contest airs this year from May 9 - May 13 2023. 

The first semi-final will take place on May 9, while the second will air May 11.

The big event itself, the Grand Final, will take place on May 13.

When will the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Grand Final take place and where can I watch it?

The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest takes place on May 13, 2023. UK viewers will be able to watch it live on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

How do I get tickets to Eurovision 2023?

Eurovision tickets will be available to buy from 12PM GMT on Tuesday March 7.

How much do Eurovision final tickets cost?

Eurovision Grand Final ticket cost £160-£380

Eurovision Semi Finals tickets cost £90-£290

Eurovision Family/Jury Show tickets cost £30-£280

Who will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023?

Your Eurovision 2023 hosts are:

  • Graham Norton

  • Hannah Waddingham

  • Julia Sanina

  • Alesha Dixon

Every country participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023


Albina & Familija Kelmedi - Duje

Sounds like: A dramatic and rollicking track about the fallout of a family argument. 


Brunette - Future Lover

Sounds like: This song hasn't been released yet


Promise - Voyage

Sounds like: Dad rock goes dance? Sure!


Teya & Selena - Who The Hell Is Edgar?

Sounds like: Edgar Allen Poe would love this, honestly


Gustaph - Because of You

Sounds like: Not the Kelly Clarkson track


Let 3 - Mama ŠČ!

Sounds like: A night out at a Croatian gay bar, we're assuming


Andrew Lambrou - Break A Broken Heart

Sounds like: He fell in love, he fell in love with El Diablo


Vesna - My Sister's Crown

Sounds like: The Crown but make it electro-clash


Reiley - Breaking My Heart

Sounds like: Charli XCX's vocoder has made a trip to Denmark


Alika - Bridges

Sounds like: We're trying really hard to not break a bridge joke about the bridge in a song called Bridges


Käärijä - Cha Cha Cha

Sounds like: A Scooter song, but make we guess?


La Zara - Évidentment

Sounds like: I don't know what the f*ck she's saying but girl, I am living


Iru Khechanovi - Song TBA


Lord of the Lost - Blood & Glitter

Sounds like: Your dad's favourite Eurovision entry this year


Victor Vernicos - What They Say

Sounds like: This song hasn't been released yet


Diljá - Power

Sounds like: A bracing EDM banger to melt the coldest heart


Wild Youth - We Are One

Sounds like: The anti-That's Rich


Noa Kirel - Unicorn

Sounds like: This song hasn't been released yet


Marco Mengoni - Due Vite

Sounds like: We are looking respectably 


Sudden Lights - Aijā

Sounds like: Rock on, lads


Monica Linkyté - Stay

Sounds like: Come for the ballad, stay for its pleasing 'hey hey heys' when it really gets going


The Busker - Dance (Our Own Party)

Sounds like: The best busker we've heard in quite a while


Pasha Parfeni - Soarele şi Luna

Sounds like: Flute!  


Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper - Burning Daylight

Sounds like: The Dutch Just Give Me A Reason


Alessandra - Queen of Kings

Sounds like: If all of the kings had their queens on the throne (sorry)


Blanka - Solo

Sounds like: She does it solo 


Mimicat - Ai Coracao

Sounds like: Portugal's entry has gone to the Kit Kat Club


Theodor Andrei - DGT (Off and On)

Sounds like: A strange shape-shifting tune where everyone gets less and less clothed on stage

San Marino

Piqued Jacks - Like An Animal

Sounds like: Bands are really in this year!


Luke Black - Samo Mi Se Spava

Sounds like: A very dramatic Kurt Hummel solo onGlee


Joker Out - Carpe Diem

Sounds like: No really, bands are really in this year


Blanca Paloma - Eaea

Sounds like: No-one would have blamed Spain for just sending SloMo 2.0, this is decidedly different


Loreen - Tattoo

Sounds like: This is a potential mother


Remo Forrer - Watergun

Sounds like: A timely anti-war anthem


Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

Sounds like: Last year's winners have come back with a surprising electro-R&B cut

United Kingdom

Mae Muller - I Wrote A Song

Sounds like: An actual hit song people would listen to in 2023!

The full running order for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 semi-finals

The countries participating in each of the two semi-finals are all follows. As usual, the 'Big Five' countries of Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the UK - get automatic entry into the Grand Final, as do last year's winners Ukraine.

Eurovision semi-final 1 countries

1. Croatia

2. Ireland

3. Latvia

4. Malta

5. Norway

6. Portugal

7. Serbia

8. Azerbaijan

9. Czech Republic

10. Finland

11. Israel

12. Moldova

13. Netherlands

14. Sweden

15. Switzerland

Eurovision semi-final 2 countries

1. Armenia

2. Belgium

3. Cyprus

4. Denmark

5. Estonia

6. Greece

7. Iceland

8. Romania

9. Albania

10. Australia

11. Austria

12. Georgia

13. Lithuania

14. Poland

15. San Marino

16. Slovenia

Eurovision Grand Final running order

The running order for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is as follows:

19. Ukraine

26. United Kingdom

This means that the United Kingdom will officially close out the Grand Final performances with Mae Muller's I Wrote A Song.

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