Eminem’s Revival becomes his eighth chart-topping album with huge opening week sales

Plus Linkin Park and the new Star Wars OST debut in the Top 40.

Congratulations to Eminem, who scoops 2017’s Christmas Number 1 on the Official Albums Chart with his ninth studio record Revival.

The US rapper scored impressive combined sales of 132,000 to debut at the top - the year’s second fastest-selling album behind Ed Sheeran’s ÷, and has today been certified gold by the BPI.

Revival is Eminem’s eighth consecutive UK Number 1 album, and ties a record held by ABBA and Led Zeppelin for most consecutive Number 1 records. Slim Shady’s other chart-topping albums are The Marshall Mathers LP (2000), The Eminem Show (2002), Encore (2004), Curtain Call – The Hits (2005), Relapse (2009), Recovery (2010) and The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013).

Ed Sheeran’s ÷ also generated sales of over 100,000 this week, ending the week on 121,000 at Number 2. Ed’s album was the biggest physical seller this week, with 109,000 copies sold on CD and vinyl, but lost out to Eminem on downloads and streams. ÷ also tops this week’s Official Vinyl Albums Chart and Official Record Store Chart.

The Official Christmas Albums Chart Top 5 is concluded by Sam Smith’s The Thrill Of It All (3), Beautiful Trauma by P!nk at Number 4, and Rag’n’Bone Man holds firm at Number 5 with Human.

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New entries and high climbers

George Michael’s Twenty Five rises four places to Number 11 as the first anniversary of his death on Christmas Day draws closer, while Elbow charge three positions to Number 13 with The Best Of. There’s also an uplift for Jeff Lynne’s ELO and their live album Wembley or Bust, up six to Number 29.

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Finally, two albums make their Top 40 debuts this week. Linkin Park’s One More Light – Live, a live album featuring the last vocals from the late Chester Bennington debuts at Number 32, and John Williams’ Star Wars: The Last Jedi soundtrack bows at Number 39.

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He was mocking pop singers in elder , now he makes a lot of feature with them..




Because $$$$$$$




As my final album review of the year, it's only natural that I follow on from my reviews of '÷' and 'x' with a review of Ed's debut studio album, '+'. Coincidentally, this week marks '+'s 300th week in the album chart Top 100, so it's a really good week to do a review of it!
'+' opens with by far the most well known track from the album: 'The A Team'. While this is the first song that I ever heard from Ed Sheeran way back in May 2011, and is one of the songs that quickly made him my favourite artist, a position he would hold for over 6 years until late October of this year, this is far from my favourite song on the album. The next track, 'Drunk', is a much better song in my opinion, and is another song that propelled him to the top of my list.
'U.N.I.' follows on from some of Ed's work on 'No. 5 Collaborations Project' and really cemented the tradition of Ed doing a couple of rap tracks on every new album, and while 'Grade 8' could also be seen to have some rap elements in it, it is much less of a rap song than 'U.N.I.'. I quite like both of these songs, though.
After those we get onto the first properly slow track of the album, 'Wake Me Up'. Some of Ed's wordplay on this song is very impressive, especially considering he apparently wrote the song while he was drunk! While it's not my favourite track on the album, it does still impress me. The next track is another slow one, and was the worst performing single from the album. 'Small Bump' and the track after that, 'This', are low points on the album for me. Both are fairly slow songs and both are pretty boring tracks for me.
However, 'The City' is a very good track and is one of my favourites from the album. They experimented with many different ways of producing this song when recording it for the album, and eventually decided on the loop pedal style, and it really pays off for this track! The next song, 'Lego House' is another of the most well known tracks from the album and is much better than 'The A Team', in my opinion, though it isn't the best from the album.
The 10th track on the album, 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You', has so much potential to be an incredible track when performed live, and a specific live performance of it in The Live Room for Warner Music is an absolutely incredible track and was, for a time, my favourite song of all time! Sadly, the album track version is simply stuck with being a very good track, which, in other circumstances, would be a compliment, but with the amazing potential that this track has ends up being a disappointment.
'Kiss Me' is another low point on the album for me, as I find it just as boring as 'Small Bump' and 'This' from earlier in the album. Luckily, 'Give Me Love' does a lot to redeem this as it is a very good track, with a fantastic build-up in intensity towards the end.
We then get into the deluxe tracks from the album, kicking it off with 'Autumn Leaves'. Another slow song, but a significantly better one than some of the others on the album. I find this song to be very relaxing rather than boring, which is a very difficult feat to accomplish when it comes to me. The next track, 'Little Bird', picks up the tempo a lot and that upbeat feel carries on into the penultimate track on the album: 'Gold Rush'. While I do enjoy both of these songs, they get eclipsed by some of the other, better, tracks on the album.
Ending off the album is my favourite slow song from the album, 'Sunburn'. This is another song that manages to be relaxing rather than boring and is a fantastic way to end the album. The track details the struggles that Ed had getting over his ex, and shows that, while he is looking for someone new, he can't help but think about her.
Overall, I'd give the album a 7/10. The weakest of Ed's full albums, but still a good album and a very good first step in the legacy of the global megastar that is Ed Sheeran. No more album reviews left this year, but I will definitely be reviewing 'Camila' the week after it comes out (so on January 19th) and I would not be surprised at all to see that album get a strong 10/10 from me.

Track by track rating (from worst to best):

16) 'This' (47/100)
15) 'Kiss Me' (50/100)
14) 'Small Bump' (59/100)
13) 'Little Bird' (68/100)
12) 'Gold Rush' (71/100)
11) 'Wake Me Up' (75/100)
10) 'Autumn Leaves' (78/100)
9) 'The A Team' (81/100)
8) 'Give Me Love' (82/100)
7) 'Grade 8' (83/100)
6) 'U.N.I.' (84/100)
5) 'Sunburn' (86/100)
=3) 'Drunk' (89/100)
=3) 'Lego House' (89/100)
2) 'The City' (91/100)
1) 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' (92/100)

(Unofficial #1: 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You (captured in The Live Room)' (100/100))


Brian Quinn


Eight too many in my opinion.


Simon Tupper


Keep hating
Eminem keeps winning


Jason Potter


Got to be a sad man mate to reply to the question