Doja Cat shares details on new album Planet Her - including a collaboration with The Weeknd

The rapper and singer says her new album is "for all the goofy kids".

Doja Cat has shared details about her new album, titled Planet Her. 

In an interview with Billboard, the US singer and rapper said she was keen to avoid rehasing the sounds of 2019's Hot Pink album and come from a more "innovative" place for her next collection.

"I think in the beginning, I was just trying to be solid and be what a pop artist already was: what I’d seen on TV and what I thought was the right thing to do,” she said. "But as I move on into this Planet Her era, I want to introduce things to people as opposed to just re-create and rehash. It’s just more inspiring to start from a more innovative spot."

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Details of the album's second single, a collaboration with The Weeknd called You Right, were also revealed, with The Weeknd saying Doja has "such drive and vast creative vision that we will be seeing her impact for a very long time to come."

Doja kicked off her third album earlier this month with trailer single Kiss Me More, a collaboration with SZA that became her second UK Top 10.  

The star also said the record continues her playful sound that saw her gain viral internet fame before her international breakthough hit Say So. “All the goofy kids, or the kids who don’t put themselves on a pedestal, or are just not normally accepted — I feel like making that example is good for those kids,” she said.

"Because maybe they felt like they could never make it in an industry where everybody is so serious. It’s important that they know they have a lane."

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