Alphabeat release Freemasons F9 remix of their comeback single Shadows: Premiere

The Freemasons add their electro-pop sparkle to Alphabeat's comeback single.

Alphabeat are back! But you already knew that, right? The Danish pop band announced their return after a six-year hiatus back in March with their comeback single Shadows. 

Longtime fans of Alphabeat will notice the track is reminiscent of the group's early releases: live instruments are back in favour of synths, and the song itself has a carefree breeziness that harks back to their UK breakthrough hit Fascination. 

Giving Shadows an electro-pop makeover are F9, formerly known as The Freemasons and now run single-handedly by James Wiltshire (read our in-depth chat with him about The Freemasons days here). Gone is the percussion in favour of disco-pop and beefy dancefloor beats, while the chorus has an added layer of shimmering gloss. Have a listen below: 

The mix is part of a new package of Shadows remixes, released on May 24. The other remixes are by Alphalove, Until Dawn and Country Club Martini Crew.

Alphabeat have also announced details of their first UK show in six years, taking place at The Borderline in Soho, London. Tickets are on sale now