Who is Mitski? The US singer-songwriter making waves with My Love Mine All Mine

My Love Mine All Mine has become Mitski's first-ever UK Top 20 single.
who is mitski

It feels weird to ask the question 'who is Mitski?' because, for those in the know, she has been doing good work for so long.

One of the most well-respected singer-songwriters of the last decade, Mitski has released seven albums in total, but is right now on the verge of a massive (and actually very surprising) commercial breakthrough with the single My Love Mine All Mine, which has become her first Top 40 and Top 20 single in quick succession. 

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Who is Mitski?

Mitski is an American singer-songwriter (real name Mitski Miyawaki) who has slowly but steadily built up a reputation as one of the most enigmatic and adored alternative idols of her generation. 

In total, Mitski has released seven studio albums; Lush (2012), Retired From Sad, New Career In Business (2013), Bury Me At Makeout Creek (2014), Puberty 2 (2016), Be The Cowboy (2018), Laurel Hell (2022) and The Land Is Inhospitabe And So Are We (2023).

Signed to US indie label Dead Oceans (also behind the careers of Phoebe Bridgers and queer pop band MUNA), Mitski really first came to critical attention on 2016's Puberty 2 and it's rage-rock centrepiece, Your Best American Girl. 2018's Be The Cowboy was another critically acclaimed record (check out the disco cut, Nobody) but things really got going when Mitski returned from a brief hiatus in 2022 with Laurel Hell, her most commercial-facing record yet. 

Laurel Hell became her first album to chart in the UK Official Albums Chart Top 10, debuting at Number 6. 

How is My Love Mine All Mine by Mitski performing on the Official Chart?

Since the release of The Land is Inhospitable And So Are We at the end of September - the album became Mitski's highest-charting UK album yet, entering the Official Albums Chart at Number 4 - My Love Mine All Mine has been the clear 'big single,' a huge irony given the fact that it's parent album was by no means engineered to birth such a big single. 

The first week My Love Mine All Mine charted (|the week of its parent albums release), it entered the UK Singles Chart at Number 63. By that point, it was already Mitski's highest charting single in the UK, since none of her previous releases have made it into the Top 100. But as the track caught fire, we saw a quick growth.

In its second week, My Love Mine All Mine leapt up 29 places to Number 34, becoming Mitski's first-ever Top 40 hit in the UK. It's also shown now signs of slowing down yet, vaulting up 17 places to a brand new peak of Number 15 last week. 

Why has My Love Mine All Mine by Mitski become so successful on the Official Chart?

There is no easy or definable answer for this other than, people are finally taking notice of Mitski. She was already, in the indie communities and music critic circles, a very recogniseable name, but it seemed with the release of Laurel Hell last year she stepped into a bigger stage as an artist and musician. 

With The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We coming so quickly off Laurel Hell's back too, there's been no time for people to 'forget' Mitski, she worked on her seventh album very quickly (after previously considering quitting music altogether, feeling uneasy with Laurel Hell's unexpected commercial success) and whether she intended to or not, very successfully built up on the hype her sixth album had generated as an exciting return for one of indie-pop's most valued voices. 

And, of course, this is 2023 so TikTok is obviously playing a massive part in the spreading of My Love Mine All Mine in song edits, slowed-down versions, sped-up versions, it's everywhere. This is also not entirely unexpected, since several of Mitski's tracks (like Your Best American Girl and Nobody) becoming low-key viral sensations over the last few years.

The lesson here is that sometimes, people take a while to catch up. That's finally happened with Mitski. Next, we just have to see how far My Love Mine All Mine will go on the Official Chart.

My Love Mine All Mine and The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We are available now, both via Dead Oceans.

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