Official Charts' Pop Genius Quiz: 2021 so far

How much have you been paying attention this year? Take our quiz to find out.

We're now just over a quarter of the way through 2021 (!), and while most of us have been stuck indoors for much of it, the music world has had no trouble in keeping us on our toes. 

A string of chart-toppers, brand-new artists smashing it out of the gate, The Grammys, and a regular supply of viral hits are just a few of the things that have kept us all entertained - but how much have you really been paying attention?

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Take our oh-so-tricky Official Charts Pop Genius quiz below and find out how your 2021 pop smarts are shaping up. Hit play below and tell us how you got on in the comments.

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Article image: Lana Del Rey (Neil Krug), Beyonce (Shutterstock), Weeknd (press), Olivia Rodrigo (press)