Miley Cyrus isn't planning to release an album any time soon: "It doesn't make sense for me"

Miley also says she wants to regain power of the public's perception of her with her new music.

Miley Cyrus has returned with her new single Midnight Sky today (August 14), but don't expect a new album any time soon. 

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music about her new track, Miley said putting out a full body of work doesn't currently fit in to the way her life has evolved or with the unprecendented times we're living in.

Last year Miley released the first of what was meant to be a three part EP series titled She Is Coming. Parts two and three never materialised due to recent difficult circumstances, including the ending of her marriage to Liam Hemsworth and losing her home in Malibu to wildfires.

Discussing the release of Midnight Sky, she explained: "I think all of us can agree that this year has been extremely unexpected and something that none of us could have planned or probably would have planned, but in a way, kind of the way that this song came about was, again, I guess I was feeling like it didn't make sense for me to continue the next two projects.

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"She is Coming was a one of three EP drop, and I felt like, for my life, the way it evolves, how quickly it changes, how quickly I change, how public my experiences are, it doesn't make sense for me to try to wrap up that big of a body of time in just a few songs and also even in a record, because I really have always enjoyed dropping singles, rather than the full body of work, because it allows you to talk to your fans in real time.

"It's like I feel something. I experience it. I write it. I release it. When you write a record, a lot of the time, you're writing your experiences, and then by the time the record comes out, you've evolved past that experience." 

On channeling her recent experiences into her music, Miley explained that she "wanted to tell it directly from my mouth and not from the idea of the public perception, because my story throughout my career has been told through the public perception a lot. I think I just want to regain that power. I think a lot of women are doing that now." Watch the Midnight Sky video below: