KSI's new single Holiday is an uplifting, post-pandemic singalong: First listen preview

For his first feature-free single, KSI showcases a more mellow side on this hopeful, folk-tinged midtempo.

With the onslaught of summer dance-pop bangers now at full pace, KSI has cleverly opted to slow things down with his new single Holiday.

For his first feature-free single, Holiday - released this Friday (June 18) - sees KSI dial down the theatrics and showcase a more mellow side to his artistry as he reflects on the honeymoon period of a relationship on this hopeful, folk-tinged midtempo.

"Looking for sun rays, needing them good days, fly me away, you're my holiday," he sings on the chorus, whilst dreaming of "strawberry shirts in the sunshine, ice cold drinks til the moonlight" as we all come back together post-pandemic.

UPDATE: Listen to Holiday below: 

Holiday was co-written with Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran, Paloma Faith, One Direction) and his recent collaborators Digital Farm Animals and appears to be a surprise bonus track addition to his new album All Over The Place, which arrives on July 16 via BMG/RBC Records. 

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Discussing the song, KSI said: "Well, ya boy coming through with yet another unexpected track This one is called Holiday. I showcase the progression in my singing here as I talk about how every time, I’m with my significant other, it feels like a holiday, a break from the pressures of the world.

"Could also be interpreted quite literally as well, since a holiday would be lovely to have. It’s felt like forever since me and my mates have had one, so hopefully after this pandemic is old news, we can go back to truly enjoying life again. Anyway, enjoy this summer tune and get ready for All Over The Place July 16th.” 

Article image: Sam Neill