Is Adele's new album 30 coming? Singer teases return with new website and social media images

The superstar's return appears to be imminent as she updates her official website and social media pages.

Adele's comeback appears to be imminent as the singer has updated her website and social media pages.

Update: Adele has announced her new single, titled Easy On Me. Listen to a preview below: 

The update arrives days after billboards with the number 30 started appearing in different cities all over the world, including London, Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Denmark, Dublin and Rome. 

Anticipation around Adele's new album has hit fever pitch recently, now six years on from her last album, 2015's 25. Now 33, it would mean Adele began recording the new album as early as late 2018. 

25 and its predecessor, 21, are among the UK's best-selling albums of all time, with 21 ranking fourth behind Queen, ABBA and The Beatles. Earlier this year Adele was named the UK's best-selling female album artist of the 21st Century, announced ahead of this year's National Album Day on October 16. 

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