Eurovision 2024: TaP Music will not help select UK entry

The management company behind Lana Del Rey previously helped bring Sam Ryder and Mae Muller to the Eurovision stage.
tap music pull out of eurovision 2024

When the Eurovision Song Contest returns in 2024, TaP Music (the management company behind the likes of Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding) will not be responsible for helping choose the UK's representative. 

Over the past two years, TaP (headed up by Ben Mawson and Ed Millett) has helped the BBC in choosing the acts the UK have sent to the Eurovision stage; Sam Ryder and Mae Muller. 

Sam, of course, delivered the greatest UK Eurovision result in a generation - nearly winning the whole thing and coming in second place, reigniting the hearts of the nation - while Mae sadly did falter in Liverpool, coming in second to last, although the Top 10 placing post-competition for Zante-core banger I Wrote A Song proved the song was a viable hit that didn't get its just desserts on the night. 

And while their work has gone a long, long way to help turn the tide of the UK's view of Eurovision over the last two years, sadly TaP announced today that they will not be returning to help find the next UK entry in 2024.

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In a statement posted to their social media, TaP said: "We're so proud of Sam and Mae for representing the UK so wonderfully and are enjoying watching their careers floruish as a result.

"It's been brilliant working with the BBC for the last two years, but for now, we think it is time to pass the baton back. We wish the BBC the best of luck with ongoing success and continuing to build the excitement and audience [for Eurovision] in the UK."

It's worth noting, too, that this move isn't entirely a surprise. It was well noted that TaP had only agreed to help the BBC's selection process for one year in 2021, but the (unexpected) success of Sam at Turin that year helped them sign on for another year, since the competition was to be held on home ground.

There's no word yet as to whether the BBC will employ another outside talent agency to help them choose a Eurovision entry for next year, or whether it will return to its previous internally-driven process.

Following the much deserved victory of Swedish pop priestess Loreen with Tattoo in Liverpool, the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will now be held in Malmo in Sweden next May

Stay tuned to Official Charts for developing news on Eurovision 2024 as it comes.

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