Eurovision 2022: Your complete guide to every country and act participating

Who will triumph in Turin? This your Official guide to everything you need to know about Eurovision 2022.

Eurovision is back and, potentially, bigger than ever.

With the chart success of incumbent winners Maneskin in the UK and across the globe, everyone has suddenly been reminded what makes Eurovision so important - it's one of the biggest and most immediate stages to launch an artist on the international stage. 

As Eurovision heads to Turin in May for 2022, we're revealing every single country and act taking part in the competition.

As usual, it's a real melting pot of inspiration; some songs of course feel very modern and electronic, some have clearly been inspired by a certain Italian rock band and others are just...wholly unique, we'll put it like that. 

Who won Eurovision 2022?

Ukraine won Eurovision 2022 - their entry was the Kalush Orchestra with the song Stefania, the first song performed fully in Ukranian in the contest's history. 

After hanging around the top-hand side of the leaderboard during the jury votes, Kalush Orchestra's win was secured when they gained an earth-shattering 489 points from the public vote. This was more than enough to ensure they ascended to the top of the leaderboard, pushing the United Kingdom's Sam Ryder into second place.

How did the UK do in Eurovision 2022?

Very, very well! Exceeding even British pessimistic expectations, Sam Ryder's SPACE MAN was a runaway hit at the contest - winning the jury votes with ease. Sadly, Ukraine's massive public vote pushed us into second place, but Sam overall gained 466 points, the most we have ever scored in Eurovision.

Finishing in second place also ends decades of bad luck in the competition, and is our best result since Imaani's Where Are You? also finished as runner-up in 1998.

Every country participating in Eurovision 2022

This year there are 40 countries taking part in Eurovision. Put together in painstaking alphabetical order, these are:


Ronela Hajati - Sekret

Sounds like: If Lean On were made in Albania. Nice flute action.

Listen to Sekret here.


Rosa Linn - Snap

Sounds like: The Lumineers and (randomly) Gabrielle Aplin's Panic Cord.

Listen to Snap here.


Sheldon Riley - Not The Same

Sounds like: A dramatic early-career Lady Gaga ballad featured in Glee (no higher compliment). 

Listen to Not The Same here.


Lum!x ft. Pia Maria - Halo

Sounds like: A dance banger to get the party started. Lovely way of pronouncing Halo, too.

Listen to Halo here.


Nadir Rustamli - Fade To Black

Sounds like: Nadir has really been through it. 

Listen to Fade To Black here.


Jérémie Makiese - Miss You

Sounds like: A hyper-charged outcast from Labrinth's Euphoria soundtrack

Listen to Miss You here.


Intelligent Music Project - Intention

Sounds like: Intelligent Music equals guitars.

Listen to Intention here.


Mia Dimšić - Guilty Pleasure

Sounds like: If Little Mix's Secret Love Song was acoustic with less queer undertones.

Listen to Guilty Pleasure here.


Andromache - Ela

Sounds like: Ela heard Fuego and she heard El Diablo and she said "I'll make another banger."

Listen to Ela here.

Czech Republic 

We Are Domi - Lights Off

Sounds like: A throbbing club hit with a Black Mirror-esque visual

Listen to Lights Off here


Reddi - The Show

Sounds like: The complete sonic opposite of Girls Aloud's The Show

Listen to The Show here.


Stefan - Hope

Sounds like: Westworld takes Eurovision

Listen to Hope here.


The Rasmus - Jezebel

Sounds like: Not really complimentary to its subject but we hope she takes it in her stride

Listen to Jezebel here.


Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn

Sounds like: A spooky, witch-hop rock inspired track (?) that sounds inspired by Robert Eggers The VVitch (??)

Listen to Fulenn here.


Malik Harris - Rockstars

Sounds like: An anthem for all the broken dreamers out there

Listen to Rockstars here.


Circus Mircus - Lock Me In

Sounds like: A song that enjoys not sounding anything like a Eurovision entry

Listen to Lock Me In here


Amanda Tenfjord - Die Together

Sounds like: London Grammar meets Lorde on a sparse beat. 

Listen to Die Together here.


Sigga, Beta and Elín - Með hækkandi sól

Sounds like: A haunting Icelandic Haim take to the stage.

Listen to Með hækkandi sól here.


Brooke Scullion - That's Rich

Sounds like: Blondie meets early career Avril on a raucous pop-punk beat. Read our interview with Brooke here.


Michael Ben David - I.M

Sounds like: Kurt from Glee glows up and serves us an insane queer banger

Listen to I.M here

UPDATE: Due to security concerns and striking by Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Michael Ben David will no longer perform live at Turin. More information here.


Mahmood & Blanco - Brividi

Sounds like: Two insanely hot men making a contemplative and impressive mid-tempo torch track. 

Listen to Brividi here.


Citi Zēni - Eat Your Salad

Sounds like: You will never get over the EXTREMELY GRAPHIC opening lyric. 

Listen to Eat Your Salad (you have been warned) here.


Monika Liu - Sentimentai

Sounds like: A jazz inspired track where Monika looks alarmingly like Liza Minelli. 

Listen to Sentimentai here.


Emma Muscat - I Am What I Am

Sounds like: A self-love anthem in the mould of Rachel Platten's Fight Song

Listen to I Am What I Am here.


Zdob și Zdub and Frații Advahov - Trenulețul

Sounds like: A frantic mash-up of some Moldovan folk music on a song about a train.

Listen to Trenuletul here.


Vladana - Breathe

Sounds like: A love song to the air, which we truly cannot live without.

Listen to Breathe here.

The Netherlands

S10 - De diepte

Sounds like: A folk-inspired make up track.

Listen to De diepte here

North Macedonia

Andrea - Circles

Sounds like: A thrumming track looking back on the failures of society.

Listen to Circles here.


Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf A Banana

Sounds like: This doesn't actually sound like anything we can compare it to. Well done?

Listen to Give That Wolf A Banana here.


Ochman - River

Sounds like: Ochman can hit some really high notes.

Listen to River here.


Maro - Saudade, Saudade

Sounds like: A song about missing someone (literally, saudade means miss). 

Listen to Saudade, Saudade here.


WRS - Llámame

Sounds like: Dance break!

Listen to Llámame here.

San Marino

Achille Lauro - Stripper

Sounds like: A Britney Spears homage in the lyrics. 

Listen to Stripper here.


Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano

Sounds like: This song is asking all the right questions - "What could be the secret of Megan Markle's healthy hair?" (Actual lyric). 

Listen to In Corpore Sano here.


LPS - Disko

Sounds like: Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. 

Listen to Disko here.


Chanel - SloMo

Sounds like: A more commercial take on Rosalia's Motomami. Very good, basically. 

Listen to SloMo here


Cornelia Jakobs - Hold Me Closer

Sounds like: An unexpected mid-tempo de-tour for the Swedish entry this year. Heart-wrenching with an emotional hook.

Listen to Hold Me Closer here.


Marius Bear - Boys Do Cry

Sounds like: A takedown of toxic masculinity. 

Listen to Boys Do Cry here.


Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

Sounds like: A heady mix of traditional and current musical styles that all comes together in the end.

Listen to Stefania here.

United Kingdom

Sam Ryder - Space Man

Sounds like: A chorus that soars into the stratosphere. 

Listen to Space Man here.

Who qualified in the Eurovision 2022 semi-finals?

Here is the full running order for the two Eurovision semi finals, and which acts managed to qualify through to the Grand Final on Saturday.

Remember, the 'Big Five' - Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the UK - get automatic entry into the Grand Final, so do not compete in the Semis.

Semi-final 1

1. Albania

2. Latvia

3. Lithuania - Qualified for Grand Final

4. Switzerland - Qualified for Grand Final

5. Slovenia

6. Ukraine - Qualified for Grand Final

7. Bulgaria

8. Netherlands - Qualified for Grand Final

9. Moldova - Qualified for Grand Final

10. Portugal - Qualified for Grand Final

11. Croatia

12. Denmark

13. Austria

14. Iceland - Qualified for Grand Final

15. Greece - Qualified for Grand Final

16. Norway - Qualified for Grand Final

17. Armenia - Qualified for Grand Final

Semi-final 2

1. Finland

2. Israel

3. Serbia - Qualified for Grand Final

4. Azerbaijan. - Qualified for Grand Final

5. Georgia

6. Malta

7. San Marino

8. Australia - Qualified for Grand Final

9. Cyprus

10. Ireland

11. North Macedonia

12. Estonia. - Qualified for Grand Final

13. Romania - Qualified for Grand Final

14. Poland - Qualified for Grand Final

15. Montenegro

16. Belgium - Qualified for Grand Final

17. Sweden - Qualified for Grand Final

18. Czech Republic - Qualified for Grand Final

What is the running order for the Eurovision 2022 Grand Final?

The full running order for the Eurovision 2022 Grand Final has been confirmed! See the full set-list below. 

1. Czech Republic

2. Romania

3. Portugal

4. Finland

5. Switzerland

6. France

7. Norway

8. Armenia

9. Italy

10. Spain

11. Netherlands

12. Ukraine

13. Germany

14. Lithuania

15. Azerbaijan

16. Belgium

17. Greece

18. Iceland

19. Moldova

20. Sweden

21. Australia

22. United Kingdom

23. Poland

24. Serbia

25. Estonia

Remember, it's Eurovision tradition that songs performed in the second half of the show tend to do marginally better than those performed in the first...

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