Ella Henderson reviews March’s big single releases

The singer weighs in on next month’s big single releases.

Next month (on March 8, to be precise), Ella Henderson officially releases her new single Mirror Man.

She recently told Official Charts that that track is one of her favourites from her debut album Chapter One because, she says, it "shows a side of my character that I don’t often get to show – it doesn’t need to come out unless you rub me up the wrong way!"

As well as Mirror Man, there are slew of big and exciting singles coming out in the next few weeks, so we asked Ella to weigh up her competition and tell us which tracks she thinks could be heading for Number 1.

Marlon Roudette – When The Beat Drops Out (released March 1)

What do you make of the overall song?

“This is my favourite song at the moment - it just sounds so authentic, doesn’t it? This song is what music should all be about right now - it’s fresh, it’s unique… basically just a brilliant song.” 

What’s your favourite bit of the track?

“I love the steel drums. When I was going through different production phases on my record, I took classic and modern references. It’s fun to mix that up and it’s great to hear different sounds on the charts. There’s nothing worse than when the same sound gets churned around and around.”

Chart prediction?

“I think this song is on the road to being a Number 1. When you listen to it, it just makes you feel happy. It’s the perfect song for spring - the perfect gearing up for summer.”

Nick Jonas – Jealous (released March 15)

What do you make of the overall song?

“This song is basically all I heard on the radio when I was in America. It really got in my head and now I can’t stop singing it. I had no idea he was so talented! His voice is so soulful.”

Does this song remind you of any other songs?

“I’ll be honest - I thought it was Justin Timberlake when I first heard it. It’s great to see him taking on that sound, particularly given his background coming from Disney and the Jonas Brothers. For some reason it reminds me of that Miguel and Mariah Carey song Beautiful as well. It’s got the same sort of vibe about it.”

Were you a massive Jonas Brothers fan or do you think Nick’s done the right thing going solo? 

“I wasn’t really the right age when Jonas Brothers were at their peak. In fact, I don’t think I could sing you a single song of theirs. Apart from the Disney stuff I don’t think they were very big in the UK, were they? They were absolutely huge in America though – everyone knows who Nick Jonas is.”

Years & Years – King (released March 1)

What do you make of the overall song?

“What I like about this sort of music is that it’s very simple and understated. The melody is so simple and singalong. There’s a lot of dance music out there at the moment, but this feels like a fresh twist on it.”

Is this the kind of song you’d dance to in a club?

“Definitely - I think we’ll all be hearing a lot of this one in the clubs. I’m excited to hear more from them as well – it’ll be interesting to see if they can take their sound beyond this track.”

G.R.L – Lighthouse (released March 8)

What do you make of the overall song?

“I think this song will be a hit, though obviously there is such a sad message behind it (the song is dedicated to member Simone Battle who died last year). The whole situation must be absolutely awful for them. I have to say, I love the guitar thing they’ve got going on in this and on their last single Ugly Heart – it’s sort of makes them stand out and recognisable."

Girl groups are having a tough time on the charts at the moment; do you think they can rise to the top?

“I met G.R.L in the States when we were performing at the same event – they’re such sweet, fun, bubbly girls. It’s interesting when a girl band is put together to see whether they’ll be any chemistry between them, but they definitely have it. There aren’t many girl bands at the moment, are there? Whereas there seems to be loads of boybands. I hope they can bring it back.”  

OMI - Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn remix)

What do you make of the overall song?

“What’s this song called, Cheesecake?”

No Ella, Cheerleader…

“It’s VERY summery isn’t it? It’s a very easy listen – it’s not offensive on the ears and it’s got a very chilled vibe – there’s nothing worse than a noisy dance song. It reminds me Nico & Vinz’s  Am I Wrong. This is the sort of song I can imagine listening to by the pool on holiday with my friends drinking cocktails.

What cocktail does this song make you want to drink?

“Probably a Long Island Iced Tea.”

So quite a strong one then…

“Because it’s such a chilled song! You want to unwind with it.”

Jess Glynne - Hold My Hand (released March 22)

What do you make of the overall song?

“I LOVE this song! I’ve played it five times today already. The melody and the way the verses run up… it’s so catchy. I’m a huge fan of her voice - she’s very distinctive and she seems to have found her sound. She’s such a talented songwriter as well and you can hear the passion for it in her voice. I think this song will be huge."

In what scenario would you most enjoy listening to this song?

“Any to be honest! I can imagine hearing it in a club or blasting it through my headphones when I’m walking down the street.”

Chart prediction?

I loved her last single Right Here, but I think this will be even bigger for her. I’m not sure, I don’t like predicting - I feel like I'm going to jinx it for her! I reckon it will be massive though."

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