Daphne and Celeste make comeback after 15 years

The bolshy duo return with new song You And I Alone, 15 years after their last chart appearance.

They told us we were UGLY and their way of saying hello was "Ooh stick you!" and now they are back!

Bonkers duo Daphne and Celeste are staging a comeback over a decade and a half since they last graced the Official Singles Chart.

Watch the video for brand new track You And I Alone :


The cheeky pair made headlines for their outspoken interviews and a performance at the 2000 Reading festival, which  didn't do down too well with the crowd. Let's just say it involved having bottles of what we hope was water thrown at them.

The group had three Top 40 hits, Ooh Stick You! (8), UGLY (18) and School's Out (12), all in 2000.

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