All the Official Charts

More than 50 charts bear the "Official" stamp of authority, all of them compiled using data from our sophisticated tracking service.

The data compiled by the Official Charts Company is drawn from a highly complex tracking service representing one of the most sophisticated ongoing market research programmes anywhere in the world – amounting to a 2014 average of more than 3.5 million track sales, over half a billion track streams, 3 million video (DVD & Blu-ray) sales and 1.5 million album sales every week.

From this data, we create more than two dozen genre charts, spanning many different formats, as well as regional charts (all across both music and video) and a constantly expanding list of new countdowns devised to reflect new music tastes and the new ways in which consumers access music and video - including charts covering streaming.

Here is an overview of some of the many charts currently compiled by the Official Charts Company:

Core Music Charts

  • Official Singles Chart
  • Official Artist Albums Chart
  • Official Compilation Albums Chart
  • Official Singles Downloads Chart
  • Official Albums Downloads Chart
  • Official Audio Streaming Chart
  • Official Singles Sales Chart
  • Official Vinyl Chart

Music Genre Charts

  • Official Dance Charts (Singles & Albums)
  • Official Indie Charts (Singles & Albums)
  • Official Rock Charts (Singles & Albums)
  • Official Urban Charts (Singles & Albums)
  • Official Jazz & Blues Chart (Albums)
  • Official Country Artist Chart (Albums)
  • Official Country Artist Compilations Chart (Albums)
  • Official Asian Chart (Singles)
  • Official Classical Charts

Core Video Charts

  • Official Video Chart
  • Official DVD Chart
  • Official Blu-ray Chart

Video Genre Charts

  • Official Film Video Chart
  • Official TV Video Chart
  • Official Childrens Video
  • Official Sport/Health/Fitness Video Chart
  • Official Music Video Chart
  • Official Special Interest Video Chart

NB. All the above are available as combined, DVD or Blu-ray charts.

Format Charts

  • Official Vinyl Chart
  • Official CD Chart
  • Official Digital Downloads Chart
  • Official Audio Streaming Chart
  • Official Video Streaming Chart
  • Official DVD Chart
  • Official Blu-ray Chart

In addition to the Official Charts above, the Official Charts Company  also compiles bespoke rundowns for a range of media clients based on a theme or specification of their choice, utilising the Official Charts sales database to produce a variety of tailor-made listings for different audiences. A number of the UK’s leading media organisations, including the BBC, MTV/Viacom and Bauer Media license these custom charts to form the basis of dedicated radio and TV music Programming, every week of the year.